Thursday, December 3, 2015

thursday ramblings...

It's so cold!  It's not been up to ten degrees all week long.  I love winter, but, I love winter most when it's 28 and snowing! I'd much rather be cold than hot.  You can drink hot cocoa, add a sweater, wear socks, sit by the fire... you can always get warm!  So, I'm not complaining a bit!

San Bernadino... there are no words.  What is this world coming to?  My thoughts and prayers are with all of those who's world has been changed in this incident.  Again, I'm thankful for our safe little valley, but incidents like this make you wonder, "Is anyplace really exempt?"  I was really disturbed this morning, watching GMA, hearing a piece on "how to survive a mass shooting"... really... what is the world coming to when we are practicing gunmen drills as if they were firedrills.  Hopefully, we never have to use any of these kind of practices.  Enough said.

Grace has been singing up a storm!  They did two performances yesterday.  She's loving it and yesterday, she texted me and said that she'd gotten TWO solos!  She was thrilled.  I am loving seeing her so involved and happy about it. 

I did not mention this last week, but I lost my mother.  Literally.  She was lost for two days.  I call her every morning at 6:55.  She didn't answer her phone for two days.  I was really concerned because she'd just told me that she was not going anywhere, that she had no plans for Thanksgiving and didn't want to leave the house all week.  On the third morning, I called the police in her town and asked them to do a welfare check on her.  The dogs were there, her car was not, so the officer said to wait until the end of the day before getting too concerned.  Sure enough, Mom had just been missing my calls.  I figured that she would be furious that I had called the police, but she was actually thankful and told me that it meant a lot to her that I had been concerned.  WOW!  I was relieved that she wasn't angry and I was relieved that she'd decided to just go shopping.

Last night, Doug and I were able to visit a bit with Matthew, Carol's son, who's been deployed for nine months, but surprised everyone and came home for ten days.  He's leaving today to return to his military service.  He's grown so much.  It was fun to visit and see how he's matured.  It's been almost three years and my heart melted to see him.  I love Carol's kids like they are my own.  I can't believe I didn't take a picture of him!  I was just too happy to see him and not thinking about it.

I got a little feedback about not posting Christmas ideas all month and, apparently, it's expected.  ;)  I will begin on Monday.  I've been looking at the calendar and it's going to be a fun month.  On the agenda for the rest of the month:

Grace's performances
ZJ's choir performance
a little social at home
Doug's family party
Doug's company party
Grace's work party *I'm her guest!
Donut Night with Layne&Julie fam and Alan&Jill fam
the ward party
several YSA activities 
a few nights with close friends
a whole lot of Sonic runs

We're excited to get together with friends and family.  We're excited for some downtime with the kids and Doug off work.  I'm excited to cook and serve.  I'm excited for tablescapes, party foods, lots of games and mostly for lots of laughs and love!   Today, lunch with Kara.  I can't wait to catch up and laugh with her!  Life is good!

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