Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A few Corbridge happenings...

Last night, we attended Grace's seventeenth Bella performance.  This was "Family Night", and we were invited.  The rest have been in nursing homes and assisted care homes and parties and restaurantsTonight, she has another public performance at the same time as ZJ's first choir concert.  Never in my life do I remember being so divided and pulled in so many directions... even in my younger days when I had seven church callings, was PTA President and American Mother Representative.  It's crazy having three teens.  I never did have this experience with my bigs because Kelly was gone when she was a junior, Dale had already graduated and that only left us Liza.  That only recently clicked in my brain.  It's crazy but fun and I'm so glad to have them involved!

Grace was so so nervous.  She's only been given the song earlier that day.  Thankfully, she knew the words.  She smiled her way through it, which was lovely.  I'd have never had the courage to do it!  We were very proud of her!  Her personality definitely suits her name.

Carol and I had a safe trip to SLC yesterday.  One thing that I failed to record was that we stopped at Jon's grave after picking Matt up at the airport.  The snow was deeper than my UGGs.  Crazy and beautiful!  More snow heading our way today!  HAPPINESS!


Kara and I had a quick bite today at El Toro.  I had some things that had to be done this morning.  She texted about a game earlier then w both happened to be in town at the same time a few hours later, so we met!  It will probably be our last chance until January.  I am blessed with amazing friends!  I heart her!  We laughed and gabbed until we looked around us and realized that every table was full and there was a waiting list for lunch!  It was time to say goodbye.  So happy that happened today!  I needed a hug from a friend!

Last night, as we were racing from Q to R,  Doug sensed that I was feeling hungry and a bit overwhelmed.  We'd dropped the kids off at the church for their YM/YW activities and had to run back to Best Buy to pick up something Quayd had asked us to.  Doug passed Best Buy and I asked, "Where are you going?"  He said, "To Black Pearl to get you something to eat."  I started to cry, out of gratitude that he recognized and cared that I was at my wits end.  We ate, hit Best Buy, hottubbed and I was more than ready for bed.  Our busy schedules and the fact that we are all going in so many directions at once has us all feeling the pressure.

The kids will be home for a full week before Christmas.  Af first I thought, "WHAT!?!?"  That will make the week seem forever long!   BUT.  I think we need it.  Grace has nineteen performances and her job.  Quayd's working a lot of hours.  Zee is going in multiple directions.  This Friday, when the kids get home, we are done with everything except one last holiday party for Doug's job and church activities.  We're going to settle down, watch movies, eat our favorite treats and chillax!

Conversation between Doug and I:
Me (walking through Sam's Club while on the phone with Doug):  Do we need anything?
Doug: How are we on Kayaks?

Okey dokey then?  I guess the man wants another kayak.

The best news of my day is that Aylabelle's package was found!  I sent that package the day after they left on December 3 and it's still not arrived.  Every day, I've waited to hear from Liza. St. George is six hours away from us.  It's in Utah.  There's no reason that it hasn't arrived at her door or back at mine.  This morning, I found the reciept (the only receipt I've not got in my holiday planner since November 25th) in my wallet and tracked it.  I'd not written their townhouse number on it.  So, it was undeliverable.  I sent a picture of the receipt to Liza and she went to the post office in their area.  TADA!  It was there, just sitting.  Apparently, they would have returned it to me tomorrow.  Honestly, I've prayed that I could find that receipt and that it would be safe and deliverable to little Miss A.  Prayer answered! Tender mercy, indeed! I love it when that happens!

One last thought today.  My kids have been all over me about the traditions.  With the new home, some things have had to change.  I'm not not doing them, I'm just doing something differently.  The advent calendar is keeping everyone happy.  Treats every day.  Usually chocolate of some sort.  I have to laugh, though, that it's Quayd who walks straight to it every single day.  Some things will always be the same!

I've decided to begin a new tradition this year.  I'm going to fill a jar with money and candy.  Coins, dollars, bigger bills, and lots of candy.  On a night when we are all free (we're hoping for Christmas Adam), we will be having a little "family party" via Facetime.  Dale and Willow, Liza and her family and us.  We will all visit and then, everyone will play the game together, guessing how much money is in the jar.  Whoever gets the closest guess, gets the jar.  It will be a way to involve Willow in some of our traditions.  Dale is not a celebrator of Christmas.  He celebrates the Solstice, so this should be a fun little activity that is not offensive but still invites the family to be together, even if we are all all over the country!  I'm excited to try it!  More on that later!

Life is good!  Annnnnnnd I just looked outside... it's snowing!!!

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