Tuesday, December 8, 2015

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I've thought about December blogging for a while now.  I've said everything and shared more than enough over the past ten years, but I feel like it's such a fun time and there's always so much to learn and remember and discover each year!  I usually try to have a format for my December blogging, but this year, I'm going to just share whatever is on my mind for the day.  Life is much busier this year than it has been in the past and I have not had the time to put into the blog with three teens and a husband in the bishopric.  So, this year, each day, from now until Christmas Adam, I'll share whatever I happen onto... which usually is something new and wonderful every day!  So... without further ado...  Here's my favorite new addition to our Christmas decor this year. I love this print of a painting of the Logan LDS Temple in wintertime!

the best eggnog ever!

I hate eggnog.  Actually, I can't really say that because I've never had eggnog... not once in my life.  It's never touched my lips.  However, I make this one, a recipe from Carol years ago, and everyone that tastes it comes back for more.  I served it before Thanksgiving dinner and everyone went wild over it!  So, it must be pretty good!  I will be serving it at my next gathering too.  And I'm committing to try it myself and see why everyone raves about it!  And could it be any more simple?

1 carton of eggnog (quart)
1/2 gallon vanilla ice cream
1 bottle sprite

That's it.  Pour it all into a punch bowl and enjoy.  I scoop the ice cream just because it's pretty.  I also wonder about using peppermint ice cream?  Hmmm...  If I love it, I'll have to try that next.

A fun holiday game idea

Liza sent this pin to me and it sounds great!  I'll share details of how it went after the fact.

All you need are sturdy paper plates (I got mine at Costco) and pens for each player.
The host tells the players to put their paper plate on their head.
Then the host will give a series of instructions for the players to draw on their paper plates (that are on their heads) without looking.
Here are the instructions:

1. Draw a line for a floor.
2. Draw a Christmas Tree.  Add decorations if you feel so inclined.
3. Draw a star on top of your tree.
4. Draw a fireplace with a mantel next to the tree.
5. Draw a stocking hanging from the mantel of your fireplace.
6. Draw a present below the tree.

After the six steps have been given, let everyone look at their plates.
Then have players count up how many points they received by following this rubric:

 2 points if the tree touches the floor.
  2 points if your stocking is touching your mantel.
  1 point if your star touches your tree.
  1 point if your star is above your tree.
  1 point for every Christmas ornament ball that is ON your tree, etc.
1 point if your fireplace doesn’t touch the tree (it’s a fire hazard!).
  1 point if you actually drew something decorative on your stocking (or something cute, like a tiny kitten peeking out).
  2 points if your present is under your tree.

a Christ-centered Christmas thought

If you did not take the time to watch the LDS Christmas Devotional, please do.  Each and every talk was tender and inspiring.  Each talk reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas.  President Uchtdorf's final words were remarkable.  Please make the time to enjoy these special messages and stories.   We make time for shopping and entertaining and movies and everything else during the holidays, but do we make time for what matters most?

This past weekend was wild and crazy and fun and splendid.  Yesterday, I raced from one thing to another trying to prepare for tonight's gathering and keeping up with the kids. I've got about four more gifts to purchase and I'm done!  Happiness!  I'm excited for each and every moment of this month!  So much to look forward to!  So much to enjoy and appreciate!  Life is good!

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