Tuesday, December 29, 2015

good stuff

We are winding down... the year, the holiday vacation, the leftovers... we really are but still...

 Yesterday, the kids and I spent most of the day at home, until the later afternoon.  They are busy on the Wii, coloring in their new coloring books (that cracks me up!!) and for Zee, like me, organizing and cleaning her things.  She cracks me up!  At 3, I dropped the girls off at the mall and took Quayd to work.   They had money burning holes in their pockets and gift cards to use.  I was impressed that they came home with more than half of their stash still in hand.  I made a quick stop in Hobby Lobby to return something and couldn't be bothered.  There were so many people and lines and I just bagged it. I'm shopped out for a while...thankfully, I've got most of Grace's birthday shopping done.  There's only one thing that I need to grab besides groceries to celebrate her 17th this weekend!

I did some cleaning, some laundry, a little reading, made a tasty dinner of openfaced turkey sandwiches in gravy over toast and mashed potatoes.  We cooked a turkey on Christmas Eve but didn't even touch it.  Doug deboned it and put it in the freezer, except enough for me to make a few dishes with.  Everyone loved dinner, which always makes me happy.

In the later evening, we watched the first half of "Scorch Trials" with Quayd, while the girls were hanging out with some kids from the ward.  (Doug had to work and it was getting late, so only half.)  Then, Carol called.  She's been vacationing in Park City since Christmas Day with her kids.  When she dropped Matt off at the SLC Airport, he discovered that his 4:00 flight was cancelled... both the flight to Chicago and the flight into Virginia, where he is stationed.  So, he ended up taking another flight at 10:30.  Carol ended up turning back to get him at the airport and they went to dinner and a movie during the several hour interim.  It was 10 before she was heading home, so I talked with her for that hour and a half while she drove home through snow and an accident that left her sitting totally still for 30 minutes on the freeway.  CRAZY night.  BUT, she made it home.

I'm excited for tonight.  Carol and her daughter, Madi and our mutual friends, Paul and Andrea are coming over for dinner and games.  We've been trying to do this forever.  Doug has to work tomorrow (his last day for the week, supposedly) so it won't be a late night, but it should be fun!  I'm making a snacky dinner and they're bringing munchies.  We were group texting about it yesterday and Paul said, "I'm excited!" then sent a GIF of two excited people.  It was so surprising that I about sprayed my coke across the room laughing!  I expect we'll do lots of laughing tonight too!  Laughter is one of my favorite things!  I'm excited... like the people in the GIF!

The decorations survived another day and today, I'm too busy to worry about them.  So, I'll probably take things down tomorrow.  Sadness.  BUT, on the other hand, I always say that when you have to start dusting the ornaments, it's time to take them down! Yesterday, I rearranged furniture in the den and moved a Christmas tree. (Doug teased about that one!)  It's time. Besides that, I'm out of Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint Candles, and that really puts a damper on things.  Oh my, between Twisted Peppermint and the Balsam candles, I do love every second of the holidays.  I may have to make a run into the mall for one more to get us through the weekend!  Then what!?

Other than prepping for tonight, the only thing on my agenda today is laundry and a Sonic run with Carol!  Life gets pretty normal pretty quickly.  The kids are Ice Skating tonight with the YM/YW.  Quayd has to work and will be missing it.  This was the first activity that the kids did last year with the new ward kids.  This week, it is the anniversary of the first time we stepped into this home and our lives changed drastically.  I'm celebrating that!  I love that we moved!  I still miss many friends from Smithfield, but the ones that really were a part of our lives still keep in touch and most of those, regularly, which I love!  My philosophy on friends... the more the merrier! 

I love Christmas Vacation and lots of laughter laughter and good smelling candles and decorations and lots of fun activities and lots of friends and family around us!  Life is good!  I am blessed!

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