Monday, December 7, 2015


Layne and Julie invited Doug and I to join them at the American Festival Chorus and Orchestra in the Eccles Theater on Friday Evening.  We were so thrilled to be able to attend this magical evening.  There were moments that my breath was literally taken away.  It was just incredible.

This year, there were three guests musicians.  Kurt Bestor is always fantastic. He's such an amazing entertainer with a musical gift beyond words.  Jenny Oaks Baker, the amazing violinist, just wowed us throughout the evening.  Ironically, I had been to a matinee movie earlier that afternoon with Carol, Ann and their mom to see "Christmas Eve", in which she is one of the people trapped in an elevator and performs.  And her dresses, oh my!  Fabulous!  Jenny Jordan Frogley, the older version of Carrie Underwood minus the country voice, was absolutely fabulous.  Also the Presbyterian Bell Performers are one of the highlights of the evening, anytime they perform.  The choir and orchestra are always perfection.  How could they not be with former Mormon Tabernacle Choir Director, Craig Jessop, conducting.  With these three gifted performers joining them, I was in tears several times during the show.  (the below photo is one from Facebook from the AFC page, not mine.)

Most of all,we loved being their with Layne and Julie.  I know I say it often, but seriously, world's greatest neighbors!  We have too much fun!  Speaking of which, they've teased me about our early Christmas decorations for weeks.  Last week, they weathered the frozen single digit temps and went all out on their home lighting. We all raced outside and gave them a big cheer.  Their house looks great!  We're looking forward to a get-together with their family during the holiday!

Carol and I ran around together most of the day on Friday, getting much more shopping done.  I have spent as much on Amazon as I have in the stores this year.  It's so much easier on my foot and I really think it means less impulse shopping for me.  I have grown to love love love Amazon!

It's a big week with lots on the schedule.  I have much more to record but I'm off and busy early today.  Life is good! 

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