Tuesday, December 1, 2015

our day in pictures...

We only had one full day but we made the most of it! After showers and biscuits and gravy for breakfast, Liza, Buddy, Miss A and I went to town.  We did some errands, bought a baby gift, some food and went to Noodles and Company for lunch.  It's Liza's favorite place.  I'm not a fan, but I sure loved watching Miss Aylabelle "mmmm" to her tasty macaroni and cheese.  She is such a good eater!  
 Funny story... Buddy put mustard on his mac & cheese.  Aylabelle was eating her own.  Buddy offered her a bite.  "Mmm.  That's good."  Then she went back to eating her own.  "Mmm, that's better."  

I have started a new tradition... Grammie buys ice cream cones at Mickey D's.   The Logan McD's doesn't have kiddie cones, so Aylabelle got a regular size one.  Buddy licked the top down to a more managable size for her.  She sat patiently watching him, but reminded him, "Daddy, that's me's."

When we got home, she experienced her first snow.  She got out of the car and walked right over to it, touched it and said, "That's cold, Grammie."  I thought it might be too cold, but she loved it...VERY much unlike her mother!

 I had to teach her how to make a snowball and throw it.  She thought that was pretty cool but I thought she needed gloves before we did more.  Next time, I'll be prepared with gloves just for her!  And hopefully next time, it won't be three degrees outside like it is today!

After getting Aylabelle down for a nap, Liza and I played Trim.  She pummeled me.  That's the worst "whoopin'" I've ever had in a card game!  She loved it!  And she'll love even more that I'm admitting it to the world.

Once Gramp got home from work, we had taco salads, leftover pretzel salad and cake for dinner, then we enjoyed a fun night of reading books, present opening and movies together.  Doug's face.  He adores this little girl.  I heard him telling Liza, "She is the most remarkable two year old on this entire planet."  He means it.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear.
 Aylabelle had not forgotten that she had another present waiting under the tree.  She reminded me several times during the day, "When Grampie comes home."  As she was eating her last bite of dinner, she said, "All done!  Grammie! Prizes!"

Doug looking at Aylabelle is one of my favorite things to look at!

I'm amazed everytime Liza is doing anything at home, Aylabelle wants to help.  So, she needed her own broom and mop. 
She "swept" my floor for  30 minutes, singing, "Sweep, sweep, sweep" like Cinderella. We'd just cleaned the ash out of the fireplace right before dinner was ready and I hadn't even swept it up yet, so she may be spreading some ash around Liza's kitchen at home.  Oops.

When she was done sweeping, she stood the broom up in the center of the room, all balanced, so  Buddy entertained her for a while balancing the mop, as well.

 Zeej videotaped her opening her broom.  After every picture or video, Aylabelle says, "Let's see it!"

We all watched Enchanted after the gift opening.  Aylabelle had not ever seen it.  She was totally "enchanted" by it.

My two beauties! 

I stepped back, looked at this room filled with almost all of those that I love the most on this earth and said, "All is well."  Really and truly, I was overwhelmed to be blessed with such a wonderful family.
And then there are these two sillies!  If they are together, they are either teasing each other to tears or laughing.  I prefer the latter, although, there's nothing quiet about Zee and Quayd when they are together!
 ZJ's goal was for a selfie with everyone on the couch in the picture.  Buddy's photobomb really made it.
It was a late night for us all, being that school and work and travel began early.  BUT, it was worth a little less sleep to be together! We didn't get to visit with any extended family or friends.  We didn't have near enough time together.  BUT... A wonderful visit, as short as it was, was just perfect!  Life is good!

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