Monday, December 21, 2015

christmas is coming!!!

Weekend update...

Friday was just a day full of running and gathering and completing. Doug's company party was that evening.  We enjoyed a lovely evening at the University with dinner, music and lots of giveaways.  Doug came away with a bonus check and a gift card to Chili's, of all places.  ha!  We had to laugh... all the cards from Amazon, American Express, Target, and we got Chili's.  We all got a good laugh out of that.  Before being seated for the dinner, we were invited to step into the photo booth.  I don't think that Doug and I have ever been in a photo booth.  It made me smile.

After dinner, Doug was visiting with someone on the other side of the room.  One of the people we'd sat near, commented, "Doug is the nicest person I've ever met.  He's sure been a different person since the layoffs."  I asked why and they mentioned a specific person who had been let go and that everyone in the building was so glad to see this person gone, but that it seemed to have been "really a good thing for Doug, although he would never say anything."  This person, according to those at the table, had been quite a "bully" or what we refer to, in our home, as "Jello Sheriff"...someone who puts their nose into other people's business when not necessary or self-appointed boss where it's not their place to be boss.

Apparently, Doug was tolerant and "too nice" to this person, according to those at the table.  "He should have stood up and told [that person] off years ago!"  I was quite surprised at the openness of this discussion.  Doug was no where near the table, so I sat and just listened.  Doug is not one to speak ill of anyone, so I knew that he'd expect the same of me.  But, it was telling.  "It was like a dark cloud had disappeared."  I was astonished.  I was asked, "Were you even aware that this was all happening?"  I said, "Doug generally speaks kind words of others. He's not one to dwell on the negative things in life."  I changed the subject, asking another couple if they were ready for Christmas.

Doug's funny about things like that.  He shared with me, years ago, that it's best to just stay out of that kind of conversation when people speak ill of others.  I think that this was one of those times.  It really hit me, though, that one person's attitude can really impact everyone around them.  Wow, the layoffs were months ago.  How sad that a situation was that bad that people are still talking about it.  But, apparently, at least in these people's eyes, there was a silver lining.  As I said, way back when, I was just thankful that Doug still had a job!  One entire shift was dissolved.  We were blessed.  And Doug... well, he rolls with the good, the bad, the ugly and the jello sheriffs of life.  You won't hear him complain.   I shared what had been said while we were hottubbing later that night.  He was very surprised to hear it.  As expected, he didn't dwell on it.

Aside from this conversation, the evening was perfectly lovely.  Great food.  A beautifully talented pianist playing in the background, lovely table decorations (Which I won to bring home at the end of the evening.)  And my date was pretty awesome too!  Great night!

We have known the owner of Doug's company since he was a teenager.  He comes from "good people".  I always enjoy hearing his message and projection of the next year for the company.  I really do!  This year, the company continues to grow and have success.  I'm glad that Doug has survived the ups and downs of the years of this business.  He enjoys his job.  I'm grateful for it and for the good people that he surrounds himself with while there.  I'm grateful for his willingness to work so hard to support our family.  He never complains!  I love that about him!  We are blessed!

Oh, I love the holidays! And I even love Doug's company parties!

Saturday... I drove Grace to work, had lunch with ZJ and did some shopping together.  We found something that she "flipped" over.  "Puhleeeeez, Mommy!  Puleeeeez!"  I told her that I was done buying.  She said, "I'll be your best friend!"  I said, "You're already my best friend!"  I explained that I was done shopping and if I bought this for her, I'd have to buy another gift for Quayd and Grace.  Pullllleeeeeeeeeeeeez, Mommy!?!?!?!!?  Puhleeeeeeeeeez????"  Of course, I bought them each one.  And she's committed to give an Oscar Winning Performance of shock, surprise and thrill when she sees it on Christmas morning.  That's a first for us... where one of the kids knows what they are getting.  Well, just one thing, but it's a first.

After shopping, Doug got home from work.  He asked me if I wanted to go out for a quick date.  Our date included going to the Crepery for a quiet bite, then running some errands for the kids while Grace worked.  As soon as she got off, we came home with a big bucket of movie popcorn, pizza and treats.  We built a fire and all settled down to please Quayd by watching Maze Runner.  He's been dying for us to have a movie night and watch a marathon of Maze Runner and Scorch Trials.  (Shoot me!)  We watched the first.  The second won't happen until this weekend because we have Christmas movies to still watch and we only have four more sleeps to do it!  So, this week's movies are Christmas Vacation tonight, Grinch tomorrow night, It's a wonderful Life on Wednesday and then on Christmas Eve day, we'll watch Home alone and Home Alone 2.  Nothing like chillaxing before the holiday!  It makes all the craziness of the past few weeks worth the effort!

Sunday was crazy fun.  Totally crazy.  A separate post needed. Best weekend in forever.  Loved it!  Life is good!

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