Monday, December 28, 2015

don't say it's over....

sadness...I hate to see Christmas come to an end.  I'm not sure what's happening to me, but this morning, I woke up, thinking I'd get up and get the trees undecorated before the kids even wake up.  I walked into the living room, looked around and decided to leave it all up another day.  I walked into the den, anxious to move the furniture around and deep clean it.  Nope, it will stay just like this for another day.  Or two.  Or three.  Who knows.  I'm not ready.  This is a first in my life!  Now, by afternoon, I may change my mind, but for this moment, I'm not there yet.

Doug went back to work this morning.  They are working a lot of overtime. He could have opted to take the whole week off, like many did, but he told me this morning, when I asked if he had to go back to work, he said, "Babe, I'd feel guilty if I were just here kicking back with all that they need done before the end of the year."  So, off he went.  He'll only have to work for three days this week, though, so it's okay.

Last night, the B's came over without kids for a visit.  We've not seen them at all during the holidays.  So, we had a nice catch-up visit.  Doug's working will change the fact that we won't have as many "party nights" this week.  But, we did discuss a game night before the break ends.

Shortly after they left, the kids' birth grandparents came over for a visit and to bring them gifts.  It was a fun visit with them, as well.  David and Toni are such good people and we always enjoy their company.  They don't see the kids often, so it's always fun because they see the changes in the kids over the time in between.  They've always been very generous with the kids' gifts. I am always proud of how gracious the kids are when they open them.   It was a nice evening of visits.

A few other photos from the holiday that I want recorded here...

We/Santa bought this little clippity-cloppity stick horse for Aylabelle for Christmas.  She's discovered Jesse from Toy Story and runs around saying Yee-haw! all the time, so she needed a horse, right?  The video of her coming down on Christmas morning and not being quite sure what to so with it was precious.  But, she's got if figured out now!  Liza says she has horse in hand all the time.  Last night, she sent this text and it melted our hearts.  Grampy's got himself a little cowgirl!  Could she be any cuter?

And here she is going to visit my mother on Christmas Eve.  I am a little in love with this child.

Doug came into the kitchen last night and said, "Babe, there's a picture of Liza and Aylabelle in front of the fire, both looking up.  When did you take that?"  He'd seen it on my laptop as it scrolls through pix for a screen saver.  He said it's his favorite picture ever.   Have I mentioned that I love both of these girls!?

 The entryway is full of "Believe" and nativities.  I really don't want to see this all put away for a whole year.

 Carol has taken her entire family to Park City for a few days.  I've missed our daily Sonic runs.  For about 36 hours of the weekend, I had a serious upset stomach.  My dirty Diet Coke was the only thing that sounded good.  And it was!  Carol's on her way home!  I'm thrilled that they had a wonderful experience, but I'm very happy that she's home!  Sonic, anyone?

 This was one of my favorite Christmas pix...totally silly.  The kids were about to make a video message to my mom to thank her for her Chuck-a-rama Gift Card.  They were just begin silly, which is what I love most.

This little event happened and we laughed so hard!  Grace is our little princess.  She doesn't lift things because "I don't want muscles." This began with her Uncle Alan teasing her forever ago. So, on Christmas Eve, I was getting dinner on the table and tried to open the apple juice to mix with the Sprite. It wouldn't open.  I rinsed, I soaked, I tried.  Nada.  Doug came in and he attempted.  Nada.  Zeej came in.  Nada.  Doug went out to the garage to grab a tool as Grace was walking in.  She said, "I'll try it."  I looked at her like, "Riiiiiighhhht."  I explained that Dad, Zee and I had tried, there was no way she could get it open.  I went to the dining room to light the candles on the table and came back in.  Grace was in tears.  "I did it!"  She had opened the jar!  Doug walked in about that time and we both were in shock.  She was so proud of herself.  I said, "Wait!  Let me take your picture to remember this moment...the moment that you had a muscle!"  She looked at me, made a muscle, holding the lid and said, "Take that, Uncle Alan!"  I texted it to Alan and he wrote back, "It's a Christmas miracle!"

Last night, as things were settling down, I stopped in the empty den.  Doug and the kids were downstairs in the family room on the Wii.  I "had a moment".  I do love our new home.   It will be a whole year this week since the first time I walked into this room and fell in love.  It's been a good year and much of that goodness has taken place right here!  I am blessed!
This week, we have a few things on our agenda... a game night tomorrow night.  Kids are working different hours all week.  New Years DAY Party with the kids because Quayd and Grace are scheduled to work. Grace's birthday is Saturday and we may make a day trip to SLC, depending on schedules.  Lots to look forward to!  Don't let it end!

Life is good!  Live it with JOY!

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