Thursday, March 2, 2017

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So, this morning, Doug and Zeej dropped me off at Physical Therapy and we said a very tearful goodbye in the parking lot.  I was sobbing because I didn't get to go with them.  Doug was teary because he didn't want to leave me and see me so sad.  Zee was crying because she wanted me to go with them and she always cries when I leave her.  They are heading to St. George for the next few days.  Grace will be staying home with me.  They will be playing with Liza and Buddy and the girls and then on Sunday, EdieAnn will be blessed.  Sadness for me, happiness for them!  We said our goodbyes and I went inside, grabbed a few tissues, cowboyed up and started my physical therapy.

Here's me, trying to muster a smile, after bawling my eyes out while getting my heat in PT.
Oh well, I've looked better, but trust me, I've looked worse!

Zeej and I have been texting and sending pix to each other throughout the day, as well as calling in between.  They are making good time.  They'll be pulling in in about five minutes. Grace stayed home with me. She'll be home from Bella in an hour.  Carol and I are going for dinner tonight.  Carol and Denise and Ann have offered to keep me smiling and happy and busy, so that I don't have to be so sad.  Carol started the "project" by picking me up from PT and saying, "I brought you a gift to help you be happy.  She then handed me a huge back of lemoncello almonds from Costco.  They are the most divine thing I've ever tasted!  I'm very happy about that!

So, Zeej just called and was laughing hysterically.  Apparently, Zee didn't get to class on time yesterday because she was in the counselor's office and the counselor never told the teacher why she was late, like he said he would. She said that her English teacher had called roll and Zee was not there, obviously.  (Picture Ferris Beuller, "Bueller...Bueller...Bueller..." ZJ's best friend, Jess said, "She's on her way to St. George."  Apparently, there was some teasing that she was sluffing.  The teacher said, "I'm calling her mom right now."  Jess said, "Really!  She's going to St. George for a few days with her family."  The teacher asked Jess to prove it, so Jess texted Zee and Zee responded.  The teacher said, "I don't believe it.  I'm calling her mom right now."  Zee said, "Go ahead, tell her to call Mom."  The teacher said, "I want proof."  So, Zee took a selfie of her and her dad, driving down the freeway and sent it to the teacher.  Zee was getting texts from half the class saying that the teacher was going on and on about it.  Jess showed the teacher the text.  The teacher then imported the picture and put it on the screen for the whole class to see.  Zee was getting texts with pix of her and Doug on the board, larger than life, in the classroom.  She was laughing so hard as she told me the story.  At least it was a cute pic!   Someone remind me to call the school on Monday morning to excuse her!  (wink-wink)

I'm going crazy, dying to move furniture and spring clean and rearrange!  So, since I can't, I'm doing what I can... tablescaping, changing this and that on shelves and making things "feel" fresh and new.  A few projects....

Our baked goods come from Lee's Marketplace and GREAT friends these days, but the plant and muffins feel "homey", which makes me happy these days!  I am a domestic gal... I love change and fresh looks and little things like moving things from one room to the next will have to suffice for now, which is perfectly fine.

This has been my biggest "physical" challenge since December 19th!  I wrote on the chalkboard.  My normally very pretty handwriting (she says humbly) has really been lost with the lack of movement from my right arm.  But, I'm determined to get it back.  I wrote the quote with my right hand and drew the flowers with my left.  It is what it is.  Self talk: And this too shall pass.  Time heals all wounds, even shoulder replacements.  

I'm still using a bit of red since it's still technically winter and we had almost a foot of fresh snow this past week, but the yellows are coming out!  Hello, March!  By the way, this cabinet is supposed to be antique white!  It was my January project.  According to the doctor, at my two month check-up this week, I'll never paint again.  I may just have to defy my body and show the world that I'm tougher than anyone would have thought.  Not yet, but it's a goal!

I've also decided that I'm going to learn to macrame.  I never did learn in the 70s, so I'm going to teach myself now. I think that it will help strengthen my arms.  PT this morning was killer!  I was lying flat and he had me reach up for the ceiling, while he held his hands close to my wrist to catch my arm if it fell and hit me in the fact.  It's soooooo strange not to have control of your own body! I did it five times for five seconds each, only semi-falling each time.  I'm getting stronger and I might add that I am typing this post in one sitting, using both hands and at a pretty good word-per-minute rate.  Typing is good exercise!  YAY!  I'm going to recommit and get back to blogging, even if it is about my shoulder healing and silly stories each day because there's not much else to write about these days!  No complaint, just fact!

Gosh, it feels good to type.  I'd forgotten what a stress reliever blogging is for me.  It's been too long.  Today, it feels right!  Life is good... even when you can't be at the party.

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