Saturday, March 11, 2017

better and better

For nine weeks, I had a zero weight limit on my right hand.  I've gotten pretty good at lifting the blankets up over me with my feet, putting make up with my left hand, buttoning one handed... and texting with the voice text.  And I've also written Quayd twice a week with voice text on my iPad.  In the process of that, I've gotten pretty used to saying things like, "I'm so excited exclamation point."  or "What time did can you meet question mark" or "Seriously comma are you kidding me exclamation point question mark!"  Punctuation on voice text is odd at first but after this long, it's become second nature.

SO.  Last week, I'm saying my prayer alone and out loud.  I say, "Please bless ___ comma." and I asked a question and ended it with "question mark".  I'm sure Heavenly Father got a laugh out of it.  I guess when you are thinking in punctuation, you've captured the art.

PT is getting harder and harder but I'm moving more and more!  I've found that doing my exercises at home to my old "Walk" playlist is helping me get through it and feel like I'm more and more normal every day!!!

Today, I cooked for the first time. Doug is so sick!  He caught the bug I had a few weeks ago, then got better and got another strain of it while in St. George last week. He's coughing and wheezing and very sick.  He has taken such amazing care of me. With him under the weather this past few days, I wanted to try.  I'd bought some "canned" Cinabon rolls.  ZJ popped them open (like biscuits in a can) and I tossed them into the waffle iron.  ZJ cracked the eggs and I fried a couple for him, over easy, and I even turned them over!  That's the first time since December 8th that I've done a thing in the kitchen.  I miss cooking!!!!  I miss serving my family!!!!  As much as I love that they have served me for three months, I'm anxious to get back to cooking and laundry and cleaning bathrooms myself.  Whodathunkit!

 Today, he was too sick to take advantage of an overtime opportunity at work.  Actually, he got up at 6 and started to get ready and, after a night of listening to him try to sleep, I said, "Get back in bed!  You need sleep!  You need rest!  You neeeeeeeed this day off."  He said, "I need to provide for my family."  I said, "Well, how will you do that when you die from pneomonia.  Please come back to bed."  He did.  And he's slept most of the day.  How grateful I am for a man who works so hard to provide for us. He's speaking in Sacrament Meeting tomorrow.  He needs to be there.  He needed the rest.  I think that at 7:30PM, he's thankful he's had it.

While he's been awake, we've enjoyed talking about forgiveness and repentance today.  Grace is speaking on repentance.  Doug's talk is on forgiveness.  We've shared stories and quotes and thoughts about both.  I love having gospel discussions with Doug and the girls.  I always have loved it.  And I love that's something that is a regular part of our life.  I love that the gospel is a part of our life and not just going to church on Sundays.

The girls were at friends watching Moana and having a campfire in our lovely spring weather.  Doug and I were talking about his talk and life, in general.  The doorbell rang but we didn't hear it.  Zulu was at the door with his tail wagging, so we figured we had company.  It was two of our favorite YSA students dropping by with a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies.  They came in for a short visit.  Oh my word, we love having them drop by and everytime, they comment on how good it feels to be in our home and the spirit that they feel here.  There could be no greater compliment.
Have I mentioned that I love my life?

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  1. I'm following you as you recover from such an unexpected accident. Your faith to God and dedication to Him and your family is beyond amazing! Prayers as you continue to recover and hopefully Mr. Doug is on the mend!