Wednesday, March 8, 2017

on and on

Buddy sent this photo yesterday and it has to be my most favorite photo ever!  I could not love these two little girls any more!

I went to Physical Therapy this morning and told him that he was going to have to buy me dinner if he was going to hurt me like he did on Monday.  We laughed and he said he would try to be a little more gentle with me today.  I made huge progress today and after therapy, he said, "I hope I don't owe ya dinner?"  I said, "You're off the hook today and it's a good thing because it would have been expensive!  You'd have to buy for your wife and Doug, too."  I think, today, we're good.  I'm still alive!  Eleven weeks yesterday.  Eleven months and I'll be able to say that this is just an old memory!

I can not say enough how appreciative I am of my wonderful friends who drive me to and from therapy, help me with projects that anyone with half a brain would be saying no to right now, that bring me Diet Cokes and treats randomly and mostly that have just been here for me when I'm ready to scream from boredom or ready to cry!  I'm feeling so much better each and every day!  Even on bad days, I am feeling better!  I'm still a long way from being able to pick up my purse or open a jar or do my own hair, but with Doug and my girls and my wonderful friends, I am more than blessed!  Life is good!

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