Monday, March 6, 2017

long blessing

On Thursday morning, Doug and Zeej left for St. George, as I mentioned.  It was hard to see them go without me, but as the weekend progressed, I became more and more happy for Doug to have this special time with Liza and her family.  They had such a wonderful time, going on walks, going to the Dinosaur Park, riding the little train, just having fun together.  I'd have definitely affected all that was happening over the weekend.  BUT, more important, this was Doug's first time ever to be with Liza in her home without me there.  Both commented that they were so glad for that special bonding time.  Both missed my being there, but acknowledged that it was awesome for the two of them.

I could not be any happier for them both.  I've thought about it almost every other thought all weekend and was more and more happy for them with each thought.  Seriously, then yesterday morning, during the hour of the actual blessing, it hit me hard.  I had a little cry that I was missing it but it was a LITTLE cry and I was over it.  I was so so ever so thankful for Doug and Liza.  And the thought occurred to me, this is what real love is... when you can be happier for someone else than you are sad for yourself, if that makes sense.  And it was definitely the case!

I watched the weather app all day.  The blessing was in the morning, followed by a brunch then Doug and Zee headed home right to the minute on schedule, leaving at 1:30, as planned.  They were ahead of the storm and literally pushed by a southern wind.  It started raining in SLC and snowing just before Brigham City (30 minutes from home) and the canyon, which is the last of the drive, was treacherous, according to Doug.  In 40 years of marriage to Doug, he's never said those words, so it had to be pretty bad.  We got another six inches of snow in a few hours, so if it was that bad here in the valley, I could only imagine what he drove through in the canyon.  Thankfully, they arrived home sooner than expected, safe and sound.  We were so happy to all be together again! We love our reunions... ZJ was more excited to see Zulu than Grace or I!  Doug was pretty happy to be home and I couldn't tell him enough that I was thrilled to have him home.  I have been so appreciative of his every act of kindess this past few months, but with his absence, I appreciated him even more, if that's possible!

So... our weekend at home was pretty dull in comparison.  Denise and I, Carol and I went out to eat a few times.  Grace, who is on all of these meds, slept a lot and took it quite easy all weekend.  We were in bed by 9, all but one night.  We just took it nice and easy.  She barely ate a thing all weekend and on Saturday night, decided that a sweet pork burrito from Costa Vida sounded good.  She barely eats half of one on a normal day, but she must have been hungry because she ate the whole thing!  In nothing flat!  She said that she regretted it later because her tummy aches all the time but it was good to see her eat.  We watched Roxanne, the old Steve Martin movie, while we ate.  It was her first time seeing it and she belly laughed at Steve Martin's alien walk.  Seriously, belly laughed.  I laughed watching her laugh!

It was beautiful weather all weekend until the last few hours and then all the snow again.  I am instructed to no longer wear my brace at home and only when I go out.  It's been so nice and dry that I was thinking I'd be done with it, but when we had all this new snow and it turned very cold this morning, so it's solid ice outside, I'm back in the brace when I walk out the door.  Eleven weeks tonight since I fell.

Here are a few pix from our weekend... here and in St. George.....

  I think Grampy and Auntie Zee wore her out! 

We call those "Bell" eyes from my Granddaddy's family.  I call them beautiful!

This picture truly brought me to tears of happiness!

Liza wanted to facetime with me after the blessing for a bit so that I could see Edie in her beautiful blessing dress. Thankfully, Buddy's mom took tons of professional pix and I'll get to see them all soon!

ZJ said that as they were getting ready to leave, Aylabelle said, "Aunt Zee, you don't have to go home.  You can stay at my house longer.  Grammie said that you can stay with me for a few more days."  I love that they have such a sweet relationship.  Liza said that Aylabelle started to cry and then she told her that they are coming to Grammie's house next week, so she will see us all again in just a few sleeps.  That calmed her down and goodbyes were said.

It truly was a special weekend.  I am blessed.  Life is good!

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