Tuesday, March 21, 2017

a visit from my girls

I have been so busy with Liza here that another week has slipped away but what an awesome week it was.  Last week was crazy with physical therapy three times a week.  That's only for two more weeks and I have really mixed emotions about it.  I feel like I need it if I am ever going to get better, but it's so hard and sooooooo painful.  All I heard for weeks was, "You think this hurts, wait til PT!"  OH, were they ever right.  It's the hardest thing I have ever experienced.  But, it has to hurt if it's going to be back to normal and I have to have my shoulder again!  So, pain, it is!

SO.  Liza and her girls arrived and we had a most delightful weekend together, in spite of the fact that I spent much of it lying in the recliner.  Here are a few highlights of our weekend in pictures....

 As soon as they arrived, Aylabelle and I took our "traditional" selfie.  She and I have done selfies together since she learned how.  We laugh and make the silliest faces...the smiles are always my favorite but Aylabelle likes the silly ones!

Not holding EdieAnn was the hardest thing about this visit.  Doug made up for my lack of holding both girls, but it was truly hard.  Liza was pretty protective of my shoulder and made sure that I didn't over-do it.  I was thankful for the boppie, which balanced Edie instead of my shoulder!  But, Doug!  He does love being a Grampy and he adores these baby girls!

Really, that Boppie!  I love it!  And that tongue... could she be any cuter?!

We celebrated ZJ's 16th birthday, which I'll share in a separate post.  Breakfast at Angies was a fun time.  Sadly, Grace was at a Bella rehearsal and missed much of the weekend festivities.

A bike ride with Grampy.  I'm so thankful for Doug's great health and vigor!  It makes for a much more fun time playing with Gramp!  By the way, it was only fifty feet or Aylabelle would have been in a helmet.

Feeding the ducks works much better earlier in the day and not on Saturday, when half the valley has already fed them and they aren't even hungry anymore!

This little sweetheart just amazes me, more and more, every time we are together!

On Friday, my nephew, Adam was married.  Aylabelle made herself at home during the reception and made a new friend.  She is so social!  The wedding was a perfect chance for Liza to get to see all of her aunts and uncles and Grandma and Norm.

This was the first time that the girls were old enough to be invited into the group of girls for the bouquet toss!  I called out, "If you catch that, you're grounded!"  Grace thought it might be a good idea because she has several classmates who are already engaged.  Not happening here!  Not yet, please??

This was probably one of my favorite moments of the weekend.  Early Sunday morning, we all gathered in our KingSize bed and giggled and had girltime.  Doug was already at early morning Sunday meetings. It was just a fun time.  We talked about Quayd and laughed and shared stories.  I love those moments!

I had physical therapy on Monday morning, just before they had to leave.   Physically, I'd been pushed pretty hard on Friday at PT and it was a rough weekend for my body.  Monday morning, my therapist could see, the second that I walked in, that I was in pain.  I am not kidding, this shoulder injury has been life changing.  It's a whole other post.  But, I see it.  I feel it.  I'm not loving it.  I know it's a challenge that I will grow from, but when my grands are around, I really could pass on the whole shoulder injury experience! (wink-wink!)

Just before they left, I realized that Liza and I hadn't taken any pictures together, other than the one in bed, which I was instructed by all three girls not to share on the blog.  So, we snapped a quick selfie.  Buddy had been in SLC at the March Madness College Basketball Tournaments and came up on Sunday afternoon to drive Liza home.  I was so thankful for the time with my girls and that Buddy could be here for a little part of the weekend!

Aylabelle is such a little tenderhearted girl.  She is very attentive to her baby sister, always consoling her and making her comfortable.  One of my favorite moments of the weekend was when I got home from Physical Therapy.  She came up and gave me a hug, then asked, very concerned, "Grammie, did the doctor make your boo-boo all better?"  I said, "He's trying.  It gets a little better each time."  She said, "Can I see your boo-boo?"  I wasn't sure that she would really want to and asked her if she was sure.  She said she did, so I unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it down over my shoulder.  The incision was eight inches long.  Her eyes go so big.  You could see that it was a bit unnerving to her.   Then, she put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Oooh, Grammie, I'm soooo sorry."  Oh, I love this little sweetheart.  She truly is an angel.

The whole weekend was wonderful. There was more than I've shared but I did want to post today.  Birthday, wedding, just chilling at home together...perfection because we were together!  Life is good!

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