Friday, March 24, 2017

More ramblings from the past two weeks...

This is the cutest picture of EdieAnn yet.  She started to giggle this weekend while she was here.  It's adorable!  I'm in love.  That's all there is to it!

This was my IG post a few days ago.... That moment when you can't squeeze the conditioner out of the bottle with your right hand, so you squeeze it INTO your right hand, BUT your right hand can't yet reach your head or hair, so you have to transfer back into the left hand, but you still have to close the lid and put the bottle back into the shower caddy that you also can't reach with your right hand, so now you have to do it with the same hand that is full of conditioner and try not to lose the conditioner that's also in the left hand but in trying to do so, you drop the now slippery bottle and it hits a vein on your right hand on it's way to the shower floor along with the already squeezed conditioner that is now going down the drain, so you have to start all over again.  #canyousayouch #shoulderreplacementwoes #yamightaswelllaughbecausecryingwontchangeathing #ifyoureadthisyouarearealfriend

I had this all set to post and my computer needed to self-update, losing half of the post!  Dangit.  Just gonna post this and start a new one.  I'm really trying to be better about blogging.  How did I go ten years and rarely miss and now I'm doing good to blog twice a week!  Yikes!

Life is good... busy, fast moving and good!

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