Monday, March 27, 2017

Happy Birthday, Doug!

I have felt such disappointment that I've not been able to go over the top for holidays this past few months.  Doug's birthday included.  He never wants over the top.  He doesn't want ANY fuss.  So, he was thrilled with his birthday... snowmobiling with his life-long and childhood best friend, Tex, a few weeks ago and then a quiet dinner at Beehive Grill for the two of us on the day of his birthhday.  I gave him a new white dress shirt and that was it.  My plan was to give him a new i-Phone, but he keeps insisting that his i-Phone 4 or 5 will last.  Realizing that that phone replaced the old Nokia flip-phone that he'd used for ten years.  He doesn't ask or want much in life... just peace and happiness.

I love this man so much and appreciate his goodness more and more every day!  The joy he finds in the simple things in life are exemplary to me and all who know him.

After dinner, since ZJ had been on a college tour at BYU-Idaho and Grace had one more performance with Bella, we kept things simple again, and went to the YSA Talent Show, which is a highlight for the school year.  Great talent and good laughs all night long!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to the greatest man I know! And here's a few pix of Doug, taken over this past year, just because...
He's a proud missionary dad!

Once a cowboy, always a cowboy!

He loves with all his heart!

He loves deeply.

He's a dog lover!

He kind of loves this little girl!  What a great gramp he is!

He's always willing to "go outside and play".

He's a faithful father and great example of being a righteous man!

He loves life.  

He's protective, but gentle.

He is surrounded by women in his life who adore him!

He is silly and makes us laugh.  A LOT.

He accepts life's challenges and finds joy in the journey!

He looks for the good in everything.

Have I mentioned his faithfulness?

He fixes things.

He talks and teaches with his hands.

He's still a kid at heart.

He is supportive of all that we do.

As Zeej puts it, "He's chill."

He's fun!

 He's a family man. 

He's the best adventure I could have ever imagined!

Happy Birthday, Babe!

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