Friday, March 3, 2017


I'm loving the pictures and stories of the adventures Doug and Zee are having in St. George.  It's killing me, but I'm so happy for them.  It hit me this morning that Doug is getting a special experience with the girls without my presence.   That is something that would rarely, if ever, happen.  So, this is a blessing.  He gets to bond without me there.  I love the cute videos that Zeej sends me and the photos.  It's all good.  I can smile and be happy for Doug without crying for myself, simply because it is such a good thing for him!  Right?!

I had the best belly laugh yesterday with Aylabelle.  I was facetiming with her and she told me that Grampy was coming to her house with Aunt Zee "after naptime, but not before!"  She repeated that fact.  She went on to tell me that Grampy is Mommy's daddy and Aunt Zee is Mommy's sister.  I asked her "Who is Grammy?"  She looked at Liza and whispered, "I don't remember. ". We teased that I was Liza's brother, uncle, sister, and so on until she said that I am "Mommy's mommy."

I said, "That's right!   Did you know that Mommy was a baby and she came out of Grammy's tummy, just like EdieAnn and you came out of Mommy's tummy?  And I loved her and nursed her and held her just like Mommy did you and does EdieAnn now."  She got all big-eyed and said, "Mommy!  You came out of Grammy's tummy!"  "Yes, I did!", Liza confirmed.  Then she threw her arms around Liza's neck and gave her this huge hug, "Oh, Mommy!  I'm SOOOO proud of you!"  We just busted out laughing!  (I have to wonder if she was proud because Liza came out of my tummy and she was imagining grown-up Liza doing such a feat!). We were rolling!  She's a pill!

I'll share pix in the next entry.  My shoulder has had enough for the day.  Carol and I went to the movie, "The Shack" today.  I LOVED this movie, even though I wanted to just crawl on the floor and lie down.  The seats recline but not enough.  No more movies for me for a while.  I'm just not ready to sit straight that long again.  But, life is good.  Especially with family and friends!

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