Tuesday, February 21, 2017

letter from Elder Corbridge

I have nothing to report this week, except that I have been inside with my companion.  He has a Cyst on his tail bone, so we're waiting for that to heal and we have to stay in for most of this week.
I love this picture…It's the 2000 stripling warriors. Their fathers had sacrificed everything to obey God’s will. There was ugly battle and the sons wanted to fight for their religion, for God and his gospel. They couldn't because that would break the promise, but, these young men were willing and God gave them that right to stand for righteousness.  They left everything behind and it was because they loved God more than all that mattered to them. They made an oath to fight for truth and for righteousness. As long as they were living ,they were willing to fight.  They were taught by widows, by their loving mothers to obey the commandments.  These men were valiant and true in all things and obeyed every command God had given them with no fear, for they had faith and they had hope and they had courage. they had faith in Christ and fought for his gospel!

 I'm trying to be that warrior who will not quit, who will observe and obey every law of his gospel and fight for the gospel,which is truth!  I just need to become stronger and not fear for man but fear for God.

  I love you so much!  Tell the fam I say hi And I appreciate their letters of support!

Love, Elder Corbridge

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