Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween '16

Ours was a pretty quiet evening!  I bought a ton of candy and we barely gave half of it away. Stott and Wendy brought Miki over for a bit, just about the same time Quayd started writing his weekly letter.  He was in the middle of transfer goodbyes, so he wrote much later than normal.

Miki looked adorable, but Stott's costume was totally freaky!  TOTALLY freaky.  He had painted a "Day of the Dead" mask on his face and looked amazing.  His eyes creeped me out!  As I said, we didn't have a lot of trick or treaters, but the ones that we did have, mostly, came before it was even dark.  Once it was dark, we had very few.  

  ZJ's friend, Drake came over so that she could put his make-up on.  They were twin zombies.  Drake is a cutie.  Zeej was invited to his home for dinner before they all went out together with friends.  Grace went to Stott and Wendy's for the rest of the evening and came home with Zee at the end of the evening.  That meant that Doug and I were left alone at home for Halloween Night. We ended up watching a movie together, eating grilled tuna sandwiches, fresh pears, chips and snacking on a few Snickers Bars.  Before the night was over, but after 9PM, I'd taken down all of the Halloween decorations and collected them on the dining room table, so that I could just put things away the next morning and decorate for November...which will really be just the first half of the month, because I'm feeling Christmas pretty soon!  But, I digress. it was a pretty tame Corbridge Halloween, indeed! 

Here's a few pix:
Drake has to have the cutest smile ever!  He really is a nice boy!
 Which is why this picture was so creepy.  I prefer his smile!
 They did look kind of spooky!

And here's a few shots of my Halloween decor:

I really want to paint this cabinet white!!!  But, it's perfect for Halloween and will keep until after the holidays when I'm looking for a winter project.
 And this will have to be white, as well, since it's right there with the cabinet.
 My cute metal chalkboard is probably my newest favorite decoration for any season!
 When we first bought our home, I put this corner cabinet downstairs in the corner of the landing.  But, it neeeeeeeds to be unstairs in the den so that I can decorate it all year long! A dark photo but a light in my heart!  Love it!
 These cute little pumpkins from Hobby Lobby added just the perfect sparkle to my Halloween tablescape.  Doug quotes Carol's late husband, Robert, often when he discovers anything with glitter on it.  I won't share what he calls it, but the first word rhymes with glitter.  You can take it from there.
 This cute little "poison bottle" was the finishing touch on the tablescape this year.  LOVE it!  And that huge glittery spider was attached to the bow of last month's Bunco prizes from Mary Ann! Aylabelle loved that!
 This creepy branch with the rusted old Jack-o-latern Bells was found at Taipan.  They were pricey or I'd have about a dozen of them.  I usually go for classy or whimsical decor on Halloween and not creepy, but I did love this branch!

Thanksgiving decorating is done.  I'm not sure if it will make it to Thanksgiving, but it's up!

On Instagram and Facebook, I always like to share my gratitudes every day in November.  For the first day of November, I shared this:
On this first day of November, I want to express my gratitude for this good man who has been my best friend and eternal companion for over 40 years now!  His example, his patience, his love and kindness are impeccable and he makes me laugh A LOT!  I am blessed! #monthofgratitude
Life is good!  HAPPY NOVEMBER!

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