Sunday, October 30, 2016

Where did October go!?

It has been a very crazy month.  I've had so much on my plate, which has never slowed me down from blogging before, but I have just not felt like writing.  This morning, on Halloween, I'll do a little catching up. October whizzed by with lots of busyness! This month:
  • Our five days at Bear Lake
  • Five days with Carol to St. George
  •  I was in charge of decorating for the Ward Halloween Party (I created the ideas, gathered the goods and had the young women make the decor!  It was a great activity and what they didn't finish, my girls did!)  That was a week's work!
  • We've had YSA kids dropping by
  • YSA Stake Conference weekend
  • Doug finished the entryway and I got to fall decorate!
  • Young Women in Excellence, which is coming up soon...decorations, food, program... it's my baby.  I have spent hours and hours and days and days getting things ready so that it's lovely!  Coming up soon!
  • My birthday celebrations
  • Quayd's birthday (two packages... birthday and 3 months out!)
  • a YW lesson
  • SLC with Marilyn
  • Another day in SLC with Doug
  • We finished redecorating Quayd's bedroom into a guest/craftroom.
  • Grace's final IEP and some graduation planning
  • LOTS of hottubbing
  • YW YW YW  
  • Girls Girls Girls!
 My birthday:  I celebrated my fun birthday with Aylabelle in St. George.  I did blog about that last, when I returned, but then I came home to a wonderful little birthday dinner prepared by Zeej.  I was able to have birthday lunch with my closest friends throughout the month.  Kara, Natalie, Denise, Ann and I all had fun lunchdates and catch-up time.  I love it when that happens! It's my favorite way to celebrate my birthday... with those that I love!
Quayd:  Quayd's birthday was hard for me!  It was so hard to not be together and have a treasure hunt, cook him his favorite foods and celebrate his favorite things.  However, a very sweet lady, who lives in the area that he's serving in, delivered cinnamon rolls to his apartment for me.  I cried when I read her "report"...The cinnamon rolls have been delivered.  My family enjoyed doing it.  No need to pay me back.  You are a good Mom.  Another Elder answered the door. He called for your son.  I had the cinnamon rolls in a bag and while handling them to him, I told him, "Your Mom wanted to make sure you had cinnamon rolls for your birthday.  Happy Birthday!"  He was very grateful and happy and said, "Thank you SO MUCH! "  I think that they were all very excited to eat them!  One day, I may need the same favor.  My son is only 11, but I hope he serves a mission one day.  I can only imagine how hard it is to send them off on a mission, but, I'm sure you feel the blessings of his service and you see how it blesses his life personally.  He is a very handsome young man and a good young man.  You must be so proud of him!  Have a wonderful day!"  I cried all day!

Quayd felt terrible that they didn't get a photo of him with a cinnamon roll!  He didn't take one picture all day long, but he had a wonderful day.  A family actually celebrated their daughter's birthday and invited Quayd to celebrate too.  He felt guilty taking a little of the girl's celebration thunder.  I love that Quayd is growing in humility.

The girls:  The girls are not working.  ZJ has had football.  Grace is beginning her Bella performances through the holidays and they are just plain busy.   So, while they should be home more, they are still out and busy all the time and I'm fine with that!

Grace:  Grace is talking quite a bit about serving a mission.  Girls are not expected to serve missions, but today, I heard that about 1/3 of the LDS missionaries are female.  As I look at Quayd's mission photos, it looks to be true.  She could change her mind before next year, and that would be perfectly fine with us, but she's beginning her own personal preparation.

Zeej:  Zee is really busy with school and her social life.  This girl!  She's got a "boy" friend.  They are both not yet sixteen, so they are "not-dating".  But, he spends time here and she spends time with his family, who we've known for.ever and adore! Doug's dying over it, but they are good friends...With hand-holding benefits.  We heart him. 

Doug has been busy with work, with Melaleuca, with his church callings and doing the normal fall things that need to be done around the house and yard.  How he keeps up, I don't know. He's pretty awesome like that!  And best of all, he does it all with a smile!

Here's the rest of the month in pictures...

 It's been, without a doubt, the most beautiful fall ever in Cache Valley.  Everyone is talking about it.  We've just never had a more beautiful, longer fall than this!

  It's been so nice to relax in front of the fire after so busy, crazy days.  We've loved having friends and family drop by in between happenings.  There is nothing in this life that I love more than having loved ones in our home. 

October tablescape!  It's time to create November's tomorrow and I just am not ready to make the change yet.  I love October!

Here's one of my highlights of the month!  Zee brought me breakfast in bed.  (Actually, I was in the chair in my bedroom, but close.)  My favorite breakfast is served at the Crepery... a maple bacon egg crepe and a nutella strawberry crepe.  ZJ made both at home!  She's amazing!

 I was able to make a quick day trip to SLC with friend, Kristy, who was spending the day with her daughter.  I got to meet up with friend, Marilyn. We discovered "Poutenes", pronounced "Pwa-teens"... french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds... or you could just call it an expensive heartattack on a plate.  Mmmmmm.

Could she be any cuter!?  What a blessing our frienship is!  BTW, we shared and still didn't finish them!

Our weekly selfie for Quayd's letter.

ZJ is taking the adult roles class at school.  It was her turn to bring home an electronic baby.  This baby doll is theirs for 24 hours.  It cries when it's hungry, wet, tummy ache, you name it.  It hiccups, whimpers, coos.  It has a computer chip that registers the time that it spends crying, if it's shaken, how quickly it's diapered or fed.  You name it.  Technology!  It's amazing.  ZJ named the baby "Rodney Copperbottom", but after about two hours, she renamed it, "Electronic Devil".  It was the crankiest baby EVER!  She never slept because ED never slept!

She texted me from school the next morning.  She got 100%, the highest grade in the class PLUS extra credit for her excellent care of ED... because.... Apparently, Rodney Copperbottom, aka ED, was taken from the top shelf...the dolls that had not been programmed.  He had a "mind" of his own!  That's why he was crying non-stop and ZJ managed to still give him every attention he needed in a timely manner.  She will be a good mommy!  She was not amused!  I was.  (wink!)

That's it!  Life is good... just busy!

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