Monday, November 7, 2016

Letter #13

Quayd’s letter was short and sweet this week!  Quayd does enjoy the Lord's work!  And we are thrilled that he’s loving his new companion!  As always, thanks for your support and prayers!

This week has been one stellar week!  It's been amazing!  Elder Villegas is gone. I'll miss him. Elder Klingler is my new companion.  He is from Laramie, Wyoming, which is pretty cool.  He loves acting and singing which, I'm happy about he is a great companion.  He is different, but, we work really well together and I'll tell you why.

So a week ago, I told you how we were not having much success.  Well, this week, we have found much success and are continuing the work!  We have met three new investigators. All are interested! We have a investigator with a baptism in 2 weeks!!!! It's great.  Sorry I haven't written much, but, there's just so much to explain!   I'll do it maybe later this week.  It's been amazing, the success, the companionship, the service, the spirit and the gospel blessing lives!!!!!!!

Elder Corbridge

From our back and forth private emails…

RE: His new companion…  Honestly, He is great!  We work so well together!  We have found much success, return appointments, new investigators, street contacts, etc!  It's incredible, what has happened in the past four days!  We talk a lot and work together really well! !  I love the success!  We are having the return appointments and street contacts and the ward itself is changing. It’s great.  He is a good companion!

RE: service this week…I helped a pastor and her ward move someone out of a house into another. It was great.  She reminds me of Aunt Kristy a lot.  I like her.  She could pass as a sister.  It was awesome!  They spoke highly of us and said how what a blessing we were.  The lady we were helping offered us $50. It was crazy tempting, but, we can't accept money, but, it was great!

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