Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Letter #16

This week, Quayd could use some extra prayers.  He's had a great week, but the reality that every person who looks like the could be the golden contact ISN'T has hit him hard.  I think that the holidays being here are bringing the reality of the fact that he's away from home is hitting him too.  He misses his family and friends.  If you happen to have a minute to send him a short note of encouragement, it would probably mean the world to him!   Email me and I'll send you his mission address! Here's this weeks SHORT letter and a few pix.

I love mission life. I love the people. I love the investigators that I've helped to grow.  We have 9 new investigators, 3 with baptism dates, 6 return appointments.  It's just been crazy and in the midst of it all, I've been worried and even a little down. 

I have a lot of things to be grateful for, like the lessons and appointments and people. We had the wonderful family, the Santos, that fed us Thanksgiving dinner… She's my other mission mom and Brother Santos loves me.  He gave me one of his ties and he hugged me and teased me about giving my talk.  He actually reminds me of Dad in a lot of ways.  They are awesome, along with the Rays family. 

For me, it's not numbers.  It's people that can have the gospel, have the light.  It's just hard to see them turn away from it. I'm hoping this isn't the case for ____.  She's come so far and we are towards the end. I just don't want to see them or her quitting or leaving. I'm not about numbers. I'm about helping people come into Christ, receive the blessings of the gospel and make life long friends. I love the families and members and investigators... _____, being one of them. I pray that her faith and willingness will be enough.

Mom, thank you for your words of support and thanks for putting my head on straight or tying my shoes so I can go out and do the work... even if it's raining a lot.... Haha 

Love you, Mom and thanks again.

Him and his bike accidents!!  Seriously!?!?

My weekly smile from our boy.  And doesn't the song say it never rains in California???


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  1. Hi Sophia! I added Quayd to my morning prayer time back when he left on his mission. Bless his heart! I would love to send him some encouragement. I don't see your email address but you can get me thru grasshopperlanedesigns@embarqmail.com. Big Hugs!!