Friday, November 18, 2016

a recipe and a tradition

These delicious treats (on the long platter) were out of this world... sort of a cross between what we call Dog Food (Muddie Buddies) and Rice Krispy Treats... oh my!  I'm posting the text that I got from Kelli because she said that the Strudel on the top is also very good!

Oreo No-Bakes

And, today, a very fun Thanksgiving idea that I've never heard of!  I take turns driving with one of our girls from YW.  Lorna has so much personality!  This morning, I asked if they were having Thanksgiving at home or going somewhere else.  She said that they have so many people coming that they don't know where they will put them all.  Then, she shared that she has the task of "hiding the cranberries."  Never heard of that one, so I asked... She said, "Ya know that last fifteen minutes before dinner, when everyone wants to be in the kitchen... We have a hunt for hidden cranberries with clues and everything.  We tell everyone that we can't have dinner without the cranberries, so we need to search for them. The clues lead us to them and it keeps everyone occupied until dinner is ready."  So clever!  As I get more grands, I think we may adopt this fun new tradition!

Love it!  Life is good!  

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