Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Quayd's Letter 14

It's awesome to hear that he's so happy and loves this work!

This week has been one stellar week!!!!! It's incredible what happens in the work of salvation and the gathering the children of Israel.  We have had great success!  We made a lot of street contacts and have had a ton of lessons!  One day, we had five lessons!  Craziness!

Some investigators dropped us, which I had kind of hoped they haven't, but, they did.  It’s funny… some of our former investigators we checked on them to see how they were doing. The results for most of them were

Like Brandon, a couple weeks ago, he was all about being baptized, but, now, he wants nothing to do with the church.???  He's hanging with the wrong friends and has gotten in trouble with the cops. All this in just a couple
weeks.  It just shows how much Satan is real and what he can do to those who have had it good, have been extremely blessed and then how he (Satan) can change them and their lifestyle and make them miserable!   Kevin is doing drugs.  All this in just a couple weeks.  I hope and pray for those that we are teaching this week.

Anyway besides the opposition, these couple of weeks have been amazing. Elder Klingler is the coolest missionary ever!  He's still different, but I love him.  He's so positive and very obedient. I am blessed to have him as my companion.

This week has been very eventful. We met many people, including this one guy named Zeferino. He said that he would go to church and he actually did! I don't think he understands the whole going to church, learning about Christ and the gospel, but hey, he is going in the right direction.  It was funny one of my favorite families in the ward, Brother Santos asked him, “What did you learn today, Zeferino?”  This was his response, “ENGLISH!!!!!!” He did come to come to church to learn English, but, after learning about Christ and families and gospel principles, that was his response.  It's just funny what people do, but, the good think is Zeferino is coming back to church because he feels good.  So, he's definitely heading to the right direction.  I SMELL A BAPTISM COMING ON!

Michael:  haha He's funny.  He got out of jail 8 days ago and has a desire to know about Christ, which is awesome.  He wanted a video, called “The Passion of Christ.”  We gave him something else, called “Finding faith in Christ” and also “The Restoration”.  We went to his house, gave him the videos and he read “Finding faith in Christ” and said, “Yea, this is the one, but, he looked at The Restoration and asked, “What is this one?”
Nailed it! I taught him the restoration and explained the first vision. He watched both movies and told us to come back! Now the second time, my companion had a flat tire, so, we were about an hour late.  He had told us that he was having a party after coming out of jail.  Yeah, I could see a celebration happening. It was his sisters party.  So, we went on over to teach our message.  First thing I saw was people smoking, girls dressed immodestly and the stark reaction of the people's faces was priceless when they got a glimpse of Elder Klingler and I, hesitantly, entering the party! I was nervous.  The spirit felt like it was gone, but I felt the warning signs, so I still had the guidance. We actually became friends with most of the people, but, we booked it out of there and asked Michael if we could return some other time.   He said yes!

Oscar:  His family is awesome!  They have two boys, Jayden and Braken. These boys are 7 and are identical twins.  They are full of adventure and are very crazy!  Their hero is Flash, so, they are crazy running around the place super fast!  It just reminds me of when I was a kid, being Spider-Man. haha I'm so thankful for my parents patience because Oscar doesn't have that much! ;)  Anyway, we taught his family the Restoration!

Brian:  He was a Jehovah Witness, but left because he disagreed with a lot of . Things his life was turned into something dark.  We talked to him and shared a brief introduction of being missionaries and how we can bless
people's lives.  He started crying and saying he wants God in his life.  We are meeting him this Tuesday.

Heavenly Father will bless us if we are striving for opportunities and this is what has happened for my companion and I.

Elder Corbridge

a family that they are teaching

His weekly silly selfie so that his mom gets to see that smile at the end of our letter writing!  Silly, goofy, or genuine, his smile makes me happy!

 Elder C and Elder K.  They are an awesome team!

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