Tuesday, November 22, 2016

shortest letter yet!

I was terribly disappointed this week that Quayd's time was so short.  He didn't even give a weekly report.  BUT, I was EVER SO THANKFUL that he is being cared for on Thanksgiving and is so excited about it!  I pray for the people in California to take care of our boy every day!  Happy Thanksgiving!  

I love you so much! Sorry this email session is going to be really short. We are having Thanksgiving with the Santos family which I'm pumped for!!!!! Christmas... I haven't even thought of that, except for the Christmas Initiative - the 25 days to become more Christ-like. I think you should do that as a family, it's really cool!!!!! Sorry, Mom, it's been crazy and sometimes I hate that we have to be with companions because I can't talk to you that long.  But,  I'll talk to you next week!  Love you!!  Have a good thanksgiving!!! 

Love, Elder Corbridge

This good looking guy in the middle, for family who are not close or know, is my good friend, Natalie's son.  Quayd and he have grown up together.  They are serving in the same mission, left the same day together, and are currently in the zone next to each other.

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