Thursday, November 10, 2016

what a week...

Image result for donald trump winsThis week has been such an historical week that I would be remiss not to blog about it.  This week, our nation elected the first non-military, non-political man, a business man, a TV celebrity as President of the United States.  After the longest and most discouraging two years of campaigning, the election was won by a landslide, shocking the world with it's results.  Donald Trump beat former First Lady, Hilary Clinton,as our new President.  I voted.  It doesn't matter who for.  It's over.  It's President-elect Donald J. Trump.  And  I'm sooooo glad that it's over.

Doug, Carol and I went to the movies at 7:30 on election night.  We'd planned on this two weeks before.  Not because it was election night, but because it was $5 night at the theater and we wanted to see the new Jack Reacher movie.  When we left home at 7, having had the TV all afternoon and evening, all reports were "Projected Winner: Hilary Clinton".  When we got home just before 10,  the Projected Winner: Donald Trump was written across our TV screen.  The girls were sitting riveted to the TV and in shock, telling us what all had happened.  We were stunned. 

We had family prayer and again, prayed for our nation's future. Doug and the girls went to bed.  I stayed awake, all night long, in front of the TV, pretty much in disbelief.  Doug and I have spent months discussing this election, the future of our great country and worrying about what would happen if either of these two candidates were to win. We mailed our ballots in.  I literally had filled out every box on my ballot except the presidential section and had stared at it for days before finally filling in that last blank before sealing it up to mail it in.  Again, who I finally voted for, doesn't matter.  I will say this... I'm a registered Republican but this time around, and after this crazy past few months, I'm not sure what I am anymore!  Like most of our nation, based on all of the polls, we fully expected a that America would have its first woman president.  Mrs. Clinton had been the projected winner in most polls from the beginning.  Such a shock. 

I've never been one to discuss my political opinions on social media, but I will say this... This has been the ugliest election ever.  I've seen people, who I have long loved and respected for years, turn into raving and embarrassing "fools" (for lack of a better word) on Social Media.  What a sad, sad thing to see friends "defriending" each other because of how one felt about politics.  How embarrassing to see some of the awful things that, otherwise normally sane and sound, people have posted on social media.  How tragic to see people saying, "If you feel this way, we are no longer friends.  Don't speak to me again."  Being passionate about something is awesome, but this... It's been heart breaking.  I have literally hit the "Hide posts from this person" button, just to avoid some of the garbage posted, by people (that I know and love) about both candidates.  I have not or would not defriend people because we may differ in opinion, BUT.... not wanting to read the negative garbage or see this "uglier" side of people that I love, as they shared their strong opinions... Essentially, they are in "time out" for me and they don't even have to know about it.  And I'm talking about people who were for against BOTH parties!  I just didn't like seeing all of the negative in either direction!

And now, after the election, the bitterness being shown by those who's candidates lost and the gloating of those whose candidates have won continues to be rediculous!  I'm still friends with these people.  I still love them.  I've just given myself a break from them until they calm down and "come back" to their normal selves. I'm saddened to see friends, neighbors and ward members not speaking to each other.  I'm sad to see protestors and riots happening in our great nation. This is not who we are, as neighbors!  It's not who we are as a nation!  STOP!

I will say that I've had to chuckle at the Hollywood celebrities who said that they'd leave the US if Mr. Trump won.  So far, no one's left or even started packing, that I'm aware of.  I guess the good thing about all this "sore loser" behavior is that people are passionate about our nation and that's a good thing.  But, seriously, people!  Chillax.  Half of America wins and half of America loses every election and will are all still survive.  We may not like what's happening in our nation, but what a gift to live in a land where we can vote and elect and choose.

I'm watching Mr. Trump and praying that he will be a diplomatic and good president.  I'm praying for our nation and for our freedoms.  I'm praying that he selects a good staff, that our new cabinet makes good choices, that we as a people continue to be strong.  I'm praying for those brave people who are fighting and protecting our freedoms throughout the world.  I'm thankful for those who have fought in real combat and given their lives or their limbs in protecting our nation.  Bottom line, I'm proud to be an American, not matter who the president.

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  1. Good to have you back! Even if it was to document this... Hugs to you! And our country!