Thursday, November 17, 2016

chillin'.... literally!

On Monday, I joined Carol and her mom, Mary, for breakfast and cards.  Mary celebrated her 90th birthday on Tuesday.  She was my Relief Society President when I turned thirty.  I adore this woman!  She's an example of enduring to the end!  Mary played tennis on a league until just five years ago.  We play Hand and Foot with her about once a week.  Carol does almost every day.  I just love her!  She's raised seven children, buried three husbands and is just as sweet as ever.  I love to hear her stories of raising a family on an Idaho farm and serving throughout her life in the church. Her Happy Birthday Open House, honoring her on this big 90th birthday was just delightful.  She was beaming!  She's one of my favorite ladies ever!  Isn't she lovely!

It's been a relaxing week after three major events in two weeks...the ward Halloween Party, the Veterans Dinner and then YW in Excellence.  This week...hottubbing, lunches, daily Sonic runs with Carol, Denise and Ann,  time spent studying my YW lesson for this Sunday, YW meetings and some serious thinking about Thanksgiving and the holidays. They are here!  It's November and I usually post a daily gratitude.  This year, I'm so busy enjoying my blessings that I've not taken time to express them, but suffice it to say, I feel so blessed.

On Monday, while I was writing back and forth with Quayd, I called ZJ up for our weekly group selfie for him.  ZJ came upstairs looking like this, and said, "I have a headache."  This girl... she makes me laugh.

This sounds sort of morbid, but it was fascinating.  Zee and I drive past the Logan Cemetery often, as it's one of the main streets near our home.  Often, we will see caskets sitting alone above the graves, waiting to be buried.  This time, these men were just beginning to place the casket in a grave.  We didn't know who's grave it was, but we pulled over into the cemetery and watched them from a distance.  It was fascinating to see how this process has changed over the past 25 years, since I watched them place my Grannie's casket in her North Carolina grave before anyone had even left the cemetery.  Technology has even improved burials! Zee and I watched until they had placed the headstone back on the grave.  We were impressed by the reverence these men showed to the deceased.  Strange, I know, but it was a learning experience and gave ZJ and I a chance to visit about several things about death.

It finally snowed!  We had our first storm.  This was while taking the girls to school. We got about three inches in our neighborhood!  Now, it's sixteen degrees and COLD!  From 60s t0 16... brrrrrr!

Goodbye fall decor!  Christmas is happening at our home, this weekend, as soon as my YW lesson is ready to share!

Life is good!

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