Thursday, September 15, 2016


This week has flown by!  It's crazy!  On Monday evening, we did canning.  I was able to bottle 25 quarts of homemade salsa!  We are only half-way there.  I still have tomatoes!  I also want to get two batches of chow-chow made.  We have not run out of homemade salsa in over seventeen years until this past spring, so this was priority numero uno for the week... even on top of painting my entryway!  Denise teased that she was certain that I would not go to bed until the painting was done.  But, really... Doug does everything under the sun to make me happy... I'm thinking that salsa for him is more important than painting.  We'll get to it this weekend.  AND I CAN'T WAIT!!!  In the meantime, last night, another 18 bottles with more to do today!  Thankfully, I have two daughters who love helping with canning!

In other news....

ZJ got to go over to "meet" Drake's family this week... although, technically, she knows them all, already.  But, she went and spent the evening with his family and had a great time.  It's fun to watch her as this friendship is developing.  She's not sixteen yet and dating does not happen until March, but friendship is encouraged.  Her goal is to be sweet sixteen and never been kissed and I think that they are both on board for that.  Doug's mom said, "I couldn't do that!"  But, Zeej has a firm resolve.  In the meantime, neither of them drive, they go to separate schools, so this might be a little easier to manage.  Doug just gets teary eyed.  His baby girl is growing up!

Yesterday, Grace and I ran to pick Zee up from school.  A few blocks past the school, I noticed two missionaries about to cross the street.  I felt strongly, "Stop!  Ask them to take their picture for them moms!"  Now, I do that to our local Elders but that's because Quayd lived with Elder Weston and I feel connected to his mom through facebook.  I've never seen these boys, but I felt the impression to stop, so I did.  I asked them if I could take their picture and text it to their mothers.  "SURE!!!  That's be great!!!"  So, I snapped a couple of shots and then we visited for a second and I learned that Elder Davis, the taller one, was literally out on his first day!  He'd been at the MTC in Provo that morning and this was his first ifficial day serving as a missionary!!

Elder Davis and Elder Andrade

Elder Davis said that his mom and sister are really missing him.  I instantly teared up and said, "My son is in California and has only been out for seven weeks today.  I know just how your mom feels!"  I could hardly wait to send the photo to his mom, thinking about how desperately I wanted to hear anything about Quayd on the day that I knew he had flown to California.  I texted her:

Hi, Sister Davis!  I'm Sister Sophia Corbridge from Logan UT.  Today, I was picking up my daughter from the high school and noticed two young missionaries walking down the street.  I felt impressed to stop and ask if I could take a picture for their moms.  I have a son who is serving in California and has been gone for seven weeks today.  My heart!  What a surprise to hear this this is Elder Davis' first day!  That first three weeks in the MTC and the first week before our first real letter when Quayd was in the field was the hardest four weeks of my life. I thought you would like this picture and to know that he is happy, smiling and doing great!  After I snapped the pic, they even asked if there was anything they could do for me.  He is off to a great start!  Enjoy!  AND I'll pray for your son if you'll pray for mine! ;)  Have a great day!

Just minutes later, she responded:
Thank you so much for this!!! His sister (who has been so depressed since he left) just asked if anyone had sent anything after his arrival to the area and I told her that we hadn't heard anything yet, so this was such a treat!!!  Thank you so much for listening to the spirit and brightening our day!  We will definitely keep Elder Corbridge in our prayers!

I was so excited to hear from her!  A new friend in Colorado!  We'll definitely keep our eyes open for Elder Davis again!  I've decided that the kindest thing we can do for these missionary moms is send them pix of their missionaries if we see them out and about!  I have received a few of Quayd and nothing makes my day brighter!  So, this is my new thing... to take pix and text them to moms around the world!

And last but not least,today...Grace has made a big decision this past week.  The Bella girls are going to make a big trip to San Francisco next spring.  To the tune of $750 per girl.  Grace came in the other day and shared that she had been thinking about this trip and before making the first payment, she doesn't feel like it's a "wise investment" of her money.  She had close friends in Bella last year when she was a junior and they were all seniors.  But, now, she's the senior and her closest friend have graduated.  She said that she knows the trip will be fun and she'd love the adventure but she would rather spend her hard earned money on a trip with someone she loves instead.

And so!  We have decided that we will take a trip together instead!  We have not decided where we will go yet, but she's been very excited about it since the decision.  She was worried about offending the Bella girls, but hey, that's a lot of money and you should be able to spend that kind of money where you want and with who you want!  So, NYC?  DC?  Seattle?  Anywhere but southern California because I know me and I couldn't get that close to a certain missionary without wanting to see him and that wouldn't be fair to him!

So, that's the biggest events of the week... that and lots of tomato handling!  Thank heavens for my girls, who happen to love to can!  Life is good! 


  1. We just moved from Utah last summer to the Netherlands. We are not LDS but lived in the Farmington 4th ward for 3 years and I always meet the new missionaries and even had them over for dinner and dessert. I always thought about my own kid out in the world and treated these missionaries the way I would like my kids treated if they were in that situation. And we learned a lot about what our neighbors believed so we could relate to them more. And we in turn told them about our Carholic faith. It was a wonderful experience for us. And Utah will always have a special place in our hearts.

  2. Come to DC!! :)
    I'd love to see you!

    Trish C.