Wednesday, September 21, 2016

an activity, a movie and more paint!

And in other news....

On Monday afternoon, we had the YSA Stake FHE, which was the big box boat racing across First Dam.  Sadly, hours before, a suicidal man had held his soon-to-be ex-wife at gunpoint up the canyon, it was reported, officer arrived on the scene and the man would not put down his weapon, was making threats and an officer fired a shot, killing the man.  This was a tragedy...for the man's family, as well as the officer involved.  My heart just breaks for the officers and first responders who are diligently working so hard to protect the communities and face so many challenges on a daily basis!

The canyon was closed during the aftermath and all of the press was at First Dam, where the YSA has held this activity for years.  There was no changing plans... you need a body of water and at the last minute, you couldn't reach the entire stake.  So, we went as planned.  The press conference was over,  the 6PM news was right as the YSA kids arrived, so lots and lots of media trucks and reporters.  Doug commented that our boat races would be a great story for the nightly news.  However, the press reported and most left after the 6PM news.  So, our activity was a success!

Each ward is given the same amount of supplies and materials... duct tape, this year, two large styrofoam blocks, plastic bags and one hour to create their boat.

my sweetheart loves this calling, loves these kids, loves the gospel... always smiling!

This good man in the center is Norm, our neighbor, friend, bishop of one of the YSA wards,

These kids are from 35th Ward, the ward that Doug served in last year.  I was told by the Stake President, while the burgers were cooking, that 80% of the youth changed!  That's a huge turnover!
This is 34th Ward, Doug's ward that he is serving with as Stake High Councilor.

It was fascinating to watch as one or two took the lead with the idea and the rest just went to town getting the task done!

Each ward had a totally different concept!

And they were off!  The race itself only takes about five minutes, if that!

This cute boy had gotten inside their plastic wrapped block, however, it took him quite a while to get enough balance in the box to not topple over sideways.  The colors in the canyon are stunning!  It was a perfect evening!  We'd planned on attempting this with our YW two week ago on the one night that it got very cold, so we cancelled it.  This night was perfect!  I'd taken a sweater and never needed it at all, even after the sun went over the mountain.  I love autumn!

We have now put away the canning supplies and moved into the entry way to finish it up!  Last night, we got the primer painting done.  Today, we'll begin the painting in the entryway and down the stairs.  The downstairs will be our next major project, I am more than ready for this project to be completed!  I do not love painting like I used to... a sign of my aging, I suppose.  I'm just thankful for Doug!  Denise keeps saying, "I can't believe you're still alive and haven't finished that entryway yet!"  The food storage was priority but we are over and done with that!  It's time to get my home back in order! AND decorated!

It's Homecoming at both of the girls schools this week, which means overlapping activities. So many activities.  Zeej stayed home from school yesterday with a bad cold.  Today, she was off and out the door on time, so hopefully, she can survive the rest of the week.  She never moved from Monday after school until late last night.

Late last night, Book Group went to the movies to see the book of the month, Light between Two Oceans.  I had not read the book yet, but went to the movie anyway. OH MY WORD!  I HATED THIS MOVIE!!! It was as close to Sophie's Choice, in regards to a painful to watch level!  HEART WRENCHING! SO hard to watch.  Beautiful scenery.  Beautiful music... incredible score.  The romance/love story was lovely.  But, seriously.  The majority of the movie was just painful to watch.  At one point, I said, "I can't do this" and literally wanted to leave.  Carol said that had I watched the previews and read the book and not gone through what we went through with Kelly's children, it might not have been as painful to watch, but, seriously... Nicholas Sparks has met his match!  I cried myself to sleep and woke up crying again.  Please pass a movie with a happy ending and some good laughs. 

That's it for today!  This project has got to be done and the sooner the better!  So excited to see this HUUUUUUGE project coming to a close!  Life is good!

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  1. Our bookclub read that book months ago and I detested the book. Pathetic on so many levels so naturally I won't be seeing the movie. Who in their right mind (which might be the operative word) would keep a child, even if they did live in a lighthouse? And what man would agree. HORRIBLE