Thursday, September 29, 2016

family night adventure

We took a fun drive starting up Logan Canyon for our family night activity on Monday night.  The girls were not expecting it and I said, "I'm bringing my camera!  We leave in five minutes."  Zee said, "Mom!  I need to shower and do my hair if you are taking pictures.  You didn't warn us."  My response was, "Since when would I NOT have my camera with us for anything?"  That was the end of that discussion.  wink-wink!

 These two girls are so cute, they don't take a bad picture.  We were laughing so hard while trying to catch a few shots.  This place that they are standing is where Doug and I got engaged.   We love to take a drive up to this, one of our favorite spots on earth!

There's just no denying that things are just plain different without Quayd.  I missed his humor on our drive.  I missed watching him find the spot that would give me heart failure as he climbed or crawled through it.  He's definitely a dare-devil.  So, this was a very tame drive.  We were gone for almost four hours and there was not one scare or "thrill".  Well... other than when we saw a black cow grazing and I said, "Look at the bear!!!"  The girls fell for it for about two seconds!

As for wildlife, other than lots of cattle and sheep, we did see these deer grazing about ten feet from the side of the road.  We stopped to look at each other for a minute or so before they left.

Several beautiful waterfalls, some only a foot or so. But, the moss was so green and the water so clear.  We are so blessed to live in these beautiful mountains!

Doug and I were both surprised at how many leaves have already fallen in the canyon.  In our valley, they are just barely starting to turn.
  So beautiful!

The sun went down as we reached the summit, so most of our drive was on a shady path... then again, it's usually like that up the canyon.

 Fall is my favorite color!

Left-hand Fork comes out at the south end of the valley.  We have only driven this trail a few times in our years together.  I was in awe of these rocky ledges.  How anyone could not look at these mountains and know that there is a God, I'll never understand!

At the summit, there was a herd of sheep and their sheepdog.  We had Zulu with us. That sheepdog was not going to let us come anywhere near those sheep!  He came running at a full pace, so Zulu ended up inside the car.  I don't think that Zulu minded the security of the car at all.  Notice the color of the trees... this was taken at the summit just before the sun set.  The light on the trees shows the truer color than the rest of the pix taken in the shadows of the mountains.  So beautiful!

 Following our drive, we came back into the valley and stopped at the Taco Bell drive-thru, which is the girls new "it-place" since Quayd has left.  We laughed about the fact that Quayd hated Taco Bell, so we never ate there, but now that he's on his mission, he's mentioned eating there several times because he's made a friend that works there.  The girls needed to pick up a few items of make-up, so we made a stop for that.  We were home in time for a nice soak in the hottub and bed by eleven.  A night can't get any better than that! Life is good!

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