Tuesday, September 20, 2016

a little of Letter #6

This week's letter was lonnnnnnng!  I was thrilled!  I've been asked if I edit Quayd's letters.  Absolutely.  Somethings are personal and don't need to be shared.  Also, I edit his punctuation... or should I say, I add it!  He is not big on punctuation, other than exclamation points here and there.  ANYWAY, yes, I do edit and this week, I've had to.

Hello! Nothing really happened this week. I mean, legit, nothing!  All we really did was ride our bikes and talk to people, which was great.   

We met someone who claims he's The son of God…really, he's just insane!  He bowed down and asked for forgiveness.  Jesus never asked forgiveness. I don't think? haha Anyway, yeah, we just talked to a bunch of people.  All of our plans throughout the week backfired on us.  Not one single appointment was met, but I'm great for the fun people we came in contact with.

Monday was p-day and that was fun.

Tuesday,we went to sister Gifford’s and helped her.  She's an old lady, almost Grandma Anna's age.  She actually reminds me a lot about nana.  She's very talkative and self-centered, at times, but she is awesome! She does care for other people.  She's taking care of this one family  (actually one of our investigators). I love that family so much, but, no matter what we teach they won't get married or get baptized because of the marriage thing.  The wife's afraid of marrying someone because of what happened to her last husband.  But, they've been together for 8 years. Crazy!  They could be an eternal family forever. It's frustrating!!!!

Anyway, back to Sister Gifford.  We helped clean her porch and you cannot believe how much dust we found!  It was crazy, hard work! Definitely got sweaty and manly! haha Anyway, we did that, had an appointment, but they all fell through.  My companion is tired of this one guy, who likes to bash and talk about speaking in tongues and how the spirit allows us to do that.  It's funny… Elder Villegas makes jokes constantly about speaking in tongues.  Anyhow, I told Elder Villegas, “Just speak your natural language, Tagalog.”  Elder Rosenland’s response to Phillip’s response was this, “See!  You’re feeling the spirit.”  We laughed our heads off so much! haha   It's been great knowing these elders!  They are all awesome! Yeah, that was Tuesday.
Wednesday  was the same… just talking to cool people. 

Same with Thursday.  Oh! Thursday, we met Miguel.  His wife died and I think it's messed him up bad.  He was talking about Jesus Christ and the number thirty three… like how we have 33 bones for our spine, how there are 33 wonders in the world, like the pyramids Atlantis crazy stuff.  But, we did that for an hour then we talked to a guy who was a member, hasn't been to church in awhile.  His house is huge!  It's because he loves his family, he says he wants to come back again with his family.  Seriously, that guys house was huge and I loved that he did it for his family!  It just shows that family's are forever. I love that! Great guy!  Sadly, he did not come to church.

Friday was awesome.  We met this one lady… she's a recent convert and she has the strongest testimony!  It was awesome to hear her testimony and her story.  Then, we met this Samoan guy.  He had drums and everything.  His family fed us strawberries and bananas and the girls know how to dance!  I have a video, I just can't download it, but I know it's something the girls would like.

Saturday was the same… just talked to people, but we met Louis, the guy who claims to be God.  First, he looked happy to see us and then all of a sudden he bowed down and started proclaiming he was the son of god, which is true… we are children of our dear Heavenly Father, but not our Savior.  Sorry, buddy… nice try though.  Cool guy though.  

obviously he's enjoying his i-Pad camera.

Then we met  Steve, a drunk man. Phillip canceled on us again.  He's the one that speaks in tongues.  Now,  I don't know if you remember the scone eating contest because that’s kinda what happened.  We had 3 dinners that day - big dinners!  We were walking back after Phillip cancelled and we met the Samoan Bishop.  It was his daughter’s birthday,  the same girls that danced at the park.  They danced in front of 2000 people, by the way.  That's so cool.  But, anyway,we told them we had dinner. I think they ignored us.  They fed us and when we thought we were done, they gave us seconds and thirds!  It was chicken wings and legs.  Let’s just say chicken, rice, soup, soda, bread, salad and I had seconds.

Now, remember, we haven't had dinner yet!  Later, they gave us ice cream! We were dying and we had dinner in 15 minutes!  So, we had enough time to burn some off the stuff then we went to a Mexican food place.  Everything there was big!  My companion was laughing at me as I ate the food.  After that, we had a lesson with a Pilipino family.  They’re one of my favorites, Tito Doy and Tita Linda! They feed us every time we come over, so we had to eat their food! I think when we got home, we were on the toilet or beside it. haha I can't remember, but, we were full!

Sunday was a really awesome experience! I was praying to keep the Sabbath day holy and be kind.  Well, it definitely happened!  We got ready and picked up Tito Doy.  He was still in bed when we got there. haha He's super funny!  We got him ready and headed to church but before I go more into having Tito doy at church, I want to talk about this thing that has never happened before in my whole life!!!!

We went to church and right before we started sacrament, all the lights in the church went out, so we were in the dark except these emergency lights were on.  People were talking and the spirit had left, but we reminded the members that we were in the Lord’s church and that we should be reverent and be still.  Soon, everyone was quiet.  We did sacrament meeting in the dark.  It was the coolest experience ever because I felt the spirit!  No matter what happened, nothing can stop the Lord’s work!  Nothing can stop us from remembering the Savior and his atonement! I was thinking the whole time about our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

 A person spoke about Lehi’s dream and the pillar of darkness that was clouding the people's view along with the great spacious building.  I listened to that and I was thinking about it. Jesus Christ was abandoned left alone in all the darkness of the world and he endured all that.  Whenever, we feel alone or afraid or left in the dark, we are not! There is always a light!  There is always someone or something to look to and that is Jesus Christ.  We choose to be left alone, but not far off, there is a light and that is Jesus Christ!  If we will just take the courage to stand up and walk towards him, then we can and will find our way because Jesus Christ will never leave us never forsaken us, never abandon us.  He will be there always and always.  We choose whether we want to go towards the light or remain in darkness.  That's what I got out of this experience.

All the lights in the church building went out, but, there was a light whether it be emergency lights, it was the light of Christ.  If we didn't have that light, we could not have done the sacrament,which was, in my opinion, of the strongest sacrament meetings I've ever been to.  We could not have heard the talks being given and hear the testimonies of members and recent converts.  That was our spiritual thing that happened this week.

Now here is the funny thing!

So Tito Doy is 70.  He needs help a lot from his wife.  She was working, so, being 
occupied is pretty hard when she is not there.  So, we finished Sunday school and led Tito doy to the next class, elders quorum.  We talked to this one guy.  Next, we went to elders quorum and Tito Doy was not there.  We didn't worry too much, but after 15 minutes, it was time to look for him. We searched the whole building and he was not there.  We went around our whole area, which was a mile in a half and couldn't find him.  We prayed and then we found him.  There he was walking, alone, a 72 year old man, just on “walkabout”. I'm glad we found him!

There’s always room to improve, like my favorite scripture, “What lack I yet?”  So, I’m excited.  I love you guys so much.

Elder Corbridge

From our back&forth emails, during his prep time, he also shared about his first big bike accident: So,  I did get in a bike crash.  The handle bars got loose.  They didn't tighten it very well and they got loose.  I was on the road. I put all my strength on keeping the handle bars straight and then I hit the curb, flew over the handle bars, rolled, brusied my knee, got back up and walked back to my bike, waving at the passing cars!  It's got some crash spots and my headlight broke.  So, now I don't have a light, but, I have the light of Christ, so I'm not completely blind in the dark. haha!  Now, my front tire is loose and it's probably going to fall off one of these days.  But, it's a great bike!  

 He did promise to get the bike repaired and get a new light immediately.  I love his attitude about life though.  He's definitely his dad's boy... Doug has that positive outlook on everything.  He always tries to see the good in every adversity!

He also shared in detail an experience where he heard Josh Groban singing, "Don't Give Up", "an annoying song that Grace used to sing all the time" and he said that it brought him to "a tear",   just one though, missing his sisters.  He says that he has moments where he gets homesick but it's just great and I love what I'm learning and experiencing!!!!

 Now, how can a mom not be thrilled with those words!  Life is good!

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