Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Letter #7

Here's Elder Corbridge's letter for the week. We texted back and forth for quite a while.  He's so dang funny!  He sent photos and a video that made us just laugh out loud.  He was holding onto a street sign, acting like the wind was blowing him away. It was so great to hear from him!  Thank you for your support, love and prayers.  Just FYI...Quayd's birthday is October 15.  He was so excited to have notes from his sisters this week, so I know that he'd love to hear from you all too!  His address is 7000 Central Avenue.  Highland CA 92346   Thanks again! 

Hey!  Holy crap!  My birthday!  I forgot about that!

Logan and Hunter are both going on missions.  They are the coolest! I love them so much. Logan had the whole ward and friends and family going to his setting apart as an Elder, so, the bishop lost control of the whole thing.  That guy is loved!  He works at Taco Bell and everyone loves him there!  He's super funny!

Anyway, it's hot here, but super windy.  It's great! I love the weather and there's no soup day! I'm going to miss the cinnamon rolls this conference though.

I've tried to ask Dad’s “feel good questions”.  It's hard to open your mouth and just start asking, but I'm getting a little better.  My goal this week is to talk to at least ten people everyday. I love that Dad is having fun in the YSA.  I love that!

So, we had transfers.  Elder McMurray is gone.  Elder Hilton is here.  A whole ton of fun is now in our district and we've got sisters in our district now.  Nothing has happened this week at all… really… same as last time.
I don't know if I told you this, but one of our investigators, our family, we love them to death.  They've got an 8 year old, but the parents don't want to get married or get baptized for this reason.  The first time I met the father, he was in a wheel chair. His name is Joe.

For the past month, he's been having a problem with his foot… like literally to the point where it's elephant feet.  The doctors have messed him up pretty bad.  They got rid of the infection by cutting a big hole in his foot.  A couple weeks ago, we thought this would be over, but they cut a vein, which made it worst.  His foot was black.  It was dead.  There was no color except for black.

Everyday his wife would call, sobbing, telling us “What should we do?  How can we fix this?  Why is God letting this happen to this man?” I wish I had the answers.  I've cried over this man a lot. 

Every time, the wife tells us how his pain is worse. My district, however, they like to make fun of it, at times, like saying, “Oh, hey, if Joe dies, Krista and Joseph will get baptized.”  Now, it might be true, but, I don't want it to end this way. I've prayed and have fasted, but I'll tell you one thing… God works in mysterious ways!

I wish I could tell you that I gave him a blessing and, according to his faith, that his foot was healed completely.  I'm sad to say that is not what happened.  Instead, I have seen the blessing of humility and faith during this hard time.  The doctors amputated two of his toes. So, now he has Spider-Man feet.  That's pretty cool, but, that's not the point!

Joe's faith has increased!  Before, he and his family would not come to church, would not read the Book of Mormon or pray.  But, since this has happened, Krista and Joseph have been reading the scriptures and going to church. Joe has been helping his family, even in his situation, helping his son get ready for church, looking for his wife's shoes and wants to read the Book of Mormon.

I testify that the way Heavenly Father works is not according to what we think we can do, but what we can rely on the Savior,Jesus Christ to do! When we are humble and want to change, repent and become better men, that's when a miracle happens! Now, I can't say that Joseph is going to stick with the faith, that he has grown during this time. That is up to him, but, I've seen what happens when people look to Christ or our Father in prayer and I know that when we do, that people’s lives, our lives change! 

There might not be a baptism or our appointments might not fall through, but, if we put our faith in Christ, that's when things change. That's when men who leave their faith behind and find it again, continue to grow. That's when the Lord is doing His work. Jesus Christ is accomplishing his work! I am so grateful for this week, this week of humbleness and change of heart.  There have been so many who have asked if we could pray with them.  People on the streets!  It's amazing and I know it's because of the Lord!  I love you guys!

Elder Corbridge

I love this!

Here's his companion, being quite serious.  Quayd loves his companion!

So typical of Quayd... have camera - make cool pix!  Always telling a story.

Doug couldn't get over how much older he looks already.  He'll be 19 in just a few weeks!

Another Crazy Elder photo... I've never seen Quayd in a hat, so this made me laugh, but it tells a great story.  We heart this boy!!!

 We had a great visit over emails today.  I do love Mondays and I do love this boy!!!