Monday, September 5, 2016

Quayd's letter #4

I wasn't sure if we'd even hear from Quayd yesterday because of the holiday.  They usually write their letters from a public library, so I figured it would be closed. But, he wrote right on time!  And the coolest thing was that Liza and Buddy were here to snap a pic off to him while he wrote.  This week, he's had some serious ups and downs, from the sounds of it.  We wrote back and forth for over an hour.  I'm amazed at how strong he is.  I don't know if I could go through what he's experiencing and still be smiling.  Wow.  And it's hard to imagine that people could be this bitter and mean to ANYONE, let alone someone who's serving and giving up two years of their life for ANY cause!

I’m here!  Guess who I saw!  Elder Max Allen from SVHS! I’m so happy I got to see him!  We hugged each other! We were so happy to see each other! Yeah, he’s in our district. It was weird.  When I first came on the mission, I was like, “I’ve seen him before.” So, it’s been great.

 I’ve learned so much!  There’s been times where I have been a little home sick. I don't know. I mean I miss you and Dad a lot.  The girls… I’m kinda missing.  It’s weird. 
Anyway, I love the work!! 

I love being yelled at and spat at and beer cans being thrown at us!  It was so funny. I was telling President Dixon about the guys who threw beer cans at us.  They were full! I was telling him how I was a little disappointed the first minute, but, as I was thinking about it, I saw the name tag that I have and how Jesus Christ’s name is the second biggest.  I thought about His life and how many people spat at him, threw rocks at him and also, how many people laughed at him, as he walked the dreary road to his death and how He suffered so much, but, He endured through all of it. I smiled, thinking about Him, and being a representative of Him, almost being like Him or acting in His name. I was thinking and I thought it was so cool, even though, it was pretty disgusting! I said, in my mind, “This is so cool!  We are representatives of Jesus Christ and we are being hit upon with full cans of beer and being laughed at!”  It made my day, knowing that we are representatives of Christ, our Savior.

So, I told my Mission President that story and he wanted me to share it with the visiting General Authority. Elder Jorg Klebengot was awesome! I learned so much! I can’t remember much about the details. He talked about the scattering of Israel and how we were promised a promised land.  He talked about missionary work and a lot of people were shocked by what he was saying because it was different than what President Vancott had taught them.  So, who knows what’s going to change now, but, it was awesome!  We were there for 7 hours!  Crazy, but it was awesome, listening to him, and, also, seeing Elder Allen.

It was weird.  Saturday, I was kinda bummed out for some odd reason. I was reading "Preach My Gospel”.  It was about finding people.  It said that God places people who need the gospel or the light of Christ.  I prayed and we went out to work. I can’t believe how many people we talked to! Some, I was impressed by - like Jesse.  Jesse was walking his dog, named Rocky.  We talked to him and he said that he’s actually been trying to talk to us for a while!  Then, there was this other guy who we talked too for an hour.  Crazy!  He was asking us lots of things.

Then, we went to a bike path and across the street.  While we were waiting for the light to turn, there was this man staring at us with a big smile!  We eventually came over and we had a discussion about religion. We are, now, currently, teaching him!  It was awesome and it’s true!  When its time, God places those who need the gospel! It’s like the saying, “We do not find them, but, they find us.”  So, yeah, that’s my week, so far. It was a great week!

I miss you so much.  I love you!
Elder Corbridge

 Quayd has always been tall, but, the missionary photos make him seem much taller.  He's 6'1".  Whenever I see a group photo, I just look for the tall boys and find Quayd.  I love the blessing of technology in our lives that allows us to miss him a "little" less while he is away.
This week, Doug ran into the father of another missionary serving in Quayd's mission, who is also from our home stake.  The father just "happened" to have a photo of our two sons together!  We were thrilled for another pleasant surprise!

Life is good!  So is being a missionary mama!

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