Monday, September 12, 2016

good stuff

Thursday night was Bunco Night at Anne's.  She hosted the most fabulous night!  She had a Thai themed meal with spring rolls, Thai soup, a delish coconut drink, rice and wontons and and and.  It was fabulous! 

As were here prizes!  I win a big prize everytime at Bunco.  On this night, when I was coveting the plush blankets, I won a booby prize, was equally fantastic.... part of which was this cute little pumpkin sachet, along with a fantastic glittery spider and a soup bowl.  So cute!  And I'm so excited to add this to my pumpkin collection...

Could these little washcloths for freshening up be any more lovely with fresh flowers even?  Ann thinks of every detail!  It was another score for Bunco Night Greats!

So, this is happening!  Alan and Jill finish up Friday and the walls are ready to be primed and painted!  We can't believe the difference in the entryway!  I'm so happy that I got brave and took the plunge!  HAPPINESS!  Now to paint and redecorate.

Everything is cleaned up and it looks like we live here except in the entryway.  We started peeling the walls downstairs and decided that we will just take our time and get that wallpaper removed too.  It's going to be a huge undertaking because it comes off in one inch, if that, pieces.  UGH.  But, we'll finish up the entry way this week... in between making salsa and regular busy life.

We had a marvelous weekend!  I had a quick visit with Sister Dixon, Quayd's mission president's wife on Friday afternoon.  We were discussing a medical appointment and she shared what a great attitude Quayd has shown.  This brought me to tears!  That's news that any missionary mama loves to hear!

On Friday evening, Zeej finally got to have her friend, Drake, come over.  Drake and she have become best friends.  He's a cutie.  Ironically, they have known each other since they were little pre-school kids.  Drake is my good friend, Natalie's nephew, who moved here when his mom married, our good friend, Wes.  We've known Wes since he was in junior high school!   And now, Zee and Drake are "friends".  They aren't dating because neither is sixteen, but he's coming over to visit and spend time with the family.  They have been texting and talking on the phone for quite some time now.  But, this was their first reconnect face to face. Those grins!

What a fun night.  They sat and visited on the glider swing outside until dinner.  We made macho nachos for dinner and then all watched Walter Mitty together until Wes came to pick him up at ten.  We got to visit with Wes, which was a highlight for us.  Drake and Zee are so cute together. 

They both took much teasing from Wes and Doug and I.  It's fun to see our baby growing up.  Doug had tears in his eyes after Drake left.  ZJ has always been her daddy's girl.  He's never had this experience with Zee.

The girls worked double shifts on Saturday.  Now that school is back in session, their work hours are limited, especially with school activities and church events.  They are two busy teens!

Doug worked on Saturday, so Carol and I raced to Brigham City in the morning for more tomatoes and peaches.  I had a lesson to teach on Sunday, so the salsa and chowchow also wait until this week. My Sunday duties were priority.

Saturday evening, we had lifelong friends, Lynn and Susan Green, come over.  We were neighbors when Liza was in diapers.  What a great evening, catching up on life and playing "Fruit Salad".  Lynn has served in the YSA as a Bishop for the past three and a half years and was released yesterday.  There was lots of YSA talk.  Life after YSA, I fear, will never be the same.  We love it!

My lesson went well.  I got lots of participation from the girls.  The lesson was on Honesty.  I passed a candy dish with taffy in it.  On each taffy wrapper was a number.  The girls chose their taffy and I read a scenario, by the number they'd chosen, of a situation that they could either lie or tell the truth.  We talked about the benefits of telling the truth to each one and the repercussions that could come from lying.  Great discussions.  I felt like they went away realizing that some little "white lies" are just as important as the "whoppers".  I do love teaching gospel principles!  I do love the gospel!

My new friend, Ann, who is the other YW counselor, invited us over for dinner with her family.  Her husband is great!  We met her son, who's 22 yesterday.  He looks like Alladin from the Disney cartoon.  GORGEOUS!  SO cute and so fun!  The girls were loving getting to know him.  We had a fun afternoon and then we sat together, at a special Stake High Priest Fireside yesterday afternoon about Joseph Smith. This was a special meeting and experience.  I loved it!  It was just an uplifting Sabbath Day.

When we came home, we finished watching the YouTube live coverage of 9/11 with the girls.  We want them to realize how important that day was in our history and how it changed our lives.  Watching it with a timeline, knowing what's about to happen and seeing the reactions, it's just as shocking still today.

Doug and I climbed into bed after 11 last night, which is late for us.  But, we really didn't want the weekend to end.  We both commented on what a great weekend it had been. Sometimes, life feels almost too good!  It was one of those weekends... peaceful, happy, busy but not stressful.  Life is good.  Oh, so good!

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