Monday, September 26, 2016

more of this and that... but all good stuff!

What a productive and fun week we've had!  We finished the entryway project!  I will take pictures when I get the Halloween decor up next week.  That was so much fun to have Alan and Jill here again working together.  We had them for a few meals this week and lots of laughs, as always!

ZJ got her braces off !!!  She looks so dang cute!  She is one happy camper!

The weather has turned to definite fall!  Rain, snow on the mountaintops, the furnace is on.  "Soup Day"!  We have had some severe thunderstorms this week.  Lots of damage to trees all over our valley and power outages from the wind and rain.  It's been incredible.  In one town in Utah, they received over 80% of the annual rainfall in two and a half hours.

Last Friday night, we had a very fun double date with Dave and Trish, our good friends from Smithfield.  We went to dinner at Sabor's and sat on the patio for a very long visit then decided to head home and play Fruit Salad and gab some more!  Good friends are one of our greatest blessings and we have been blessed!  We laughed so hard and enjoyed playing our favorite new and unpredictable game!

Last week, I was able to enjoy lunch out with my good friend, Mary Ann and breakfast and a lunch with Denise last week.  Carol's been involved with the elementary schools this past few weeks and I've missed our morning Sonic runs, but I've kept so busy at home, which is always a good thing!

Saturday was the LDS General Womens Conference, which was wonderful!  President Uchtdorf spoke, which always makes me so happy!  I was asked a few months ago to be in charge of the dinner for the YSA Stake.  This was probably the most simple task I've ever had.  We had a few meetings to plan, I made a few phone calls and ordered food, we picked it all up and served.  There was a decorating committee, so I didn't have to even give that a thought.  It was a wonderful day!  Working with these young women is just a choice experience.  Two gals from the ward that are in Doug's ward from last year came early and were there just to help because I'd mentioned it last week when I saw them at First Dam for the Home Evening.  They remembered and just came!  LOVE that!  Such great young women who will be leaders in no time!  DARLING girls!  I loved the opportunity to visit with them all while we put the meal together!

Doug went home and put on his suit, then returned for the dinner.  There were only 3 men there with the 150 women.  Doug, a young man who'd helped set up the electronic part of the evening and the YSA Stake President, President Job.  We were able to enjoy a nice visit during the meal with President Job.  He shared some fascinating faithbuilding stories.  This man is one of my heroes in this life.  Seriously, he shook every single person in that building's hand and can call them by name.  What a great example of unconditional love to everyone he knows!  Doug sure loves working with him!

I can't count the amount of time I spent in the hottub this past week. It's been a busy week.  Thankfully, the girls and Doug have been around to help with every project.  Doug worked all day then painted all night.  I have become the "Go-for" girl.  My painted days have ended, sadly.  I told Doug that once the downstairs hallway is painted, I may never paint another wall.  Meaning, I may never supervise.  It's time to start hiring it done!  Thankfully, this home is all painted after that hallway!   I am one blessed woman to have this good man as my forever companion!  I heart him and his big heart!  And his strong back!  And his willing soul!  And his great big smile!   AND how much he loves me back!

It's Monday!  My favorite Day of the week!  Letters from Quayd this afternoon!  Hopefully, a drive up the canyon before it gets too dark!  A busy week ahead but this week will be filled with fun!  Other than laundry and normal daily stuff, we have no big fires, just fun!  Life is good!

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