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It was so good to hear from Quayd this week, after a few rough weeks of doctor appts and tests.  They have some answers and he is doing well!  We even got to speak with him last week, as solutions were discovered. I apologize for the delay in this letter.  My left hand and I are having a love-hate relationship.  Thanks for the prayers in Quayd's behalf!

Lets just start off with saying this has been one crazy transfer! And I am going out with a BANG!!!! I have not written much because and sorry for my lame excuse because I have been super sick lately and haven't been able to do much work. it's been a haze for me to the point where I can't remember. This week, however, I will write because it has been  an immense blessing and it needs to be remembered.

Monday was pday nothing too special haha although I enjoyed writing my family.  It's always a good time! Part of our pday was cut off due to dinner at 4 o'clock instead of 5 or 5:30 or even six .  Anyway, we had dinner at the bishops house and had great food.... Salad, this weird cake, hot dogs and... HAMBURGERS!!!!!!!! I ate like 7 of them.  Great dinner and turned out that was supposed to be  part of our pday because the family needed it and I needed it.

Tuesday was a haze but we had president interviews and it was awesome. I love those two so much! Great people! Sister Dixon has this way of making sense of things. She's great at explaining and teaching and expressing.

I learned more about extending commitments, sharing the gospel simply and let me tell you that it’s powerful when it is simple and with love. That's when you can feel the power of the Holy Ghost! Now, there is always something with meeting the presidents of the church, the prophets, apostles and what not… one of them is the president of our mission.  My mission 
President Dixon is one of the coolest spiritual men I have ever met. I can't describe what I feel each time I see him, but they found the right man to lead us rightly before God. As we share and proclaim this gospel, I find strength and encouragement. We struggle a lot but the presidents of all missions strengthen us and encourage us to hold on to the rod of iron , hold on to our faith and hold on to our savior Jesus Christ!

I watched a Mormon message recently it is a brand new one and it is by one of my favorite apostles of the Lord one that scares me and also gives me hope in a daring strikingly way.  Elder Holland, for those of you who have not heard his talk or have not seen this Mormon message it is one to listen to!! the story is about two boys rock climbing.

One thing for sure is Christ is there for us and He is not going to let us fall. He is not going to let the people who need the gospel, his light, be shunned into darkness. He is not going to let me die for the sake of someone else's sins and that is what gives me strength. President Dixon has a way of reminding me who I am and how I can be more converted letting go of my nets and trusting in Christ, our savior.  That is what I learned in my interview. after that I left and did the work until we learned about exchanges with the zone leaders

Wednesday I was with Elder Rickter. He is a fun elder. We talked a lot and had a fun exchange. I ate a quad at Angus Mcurdeys, the best burger I had ever eaten in my whole life! It was great then I met a retired marine his name is Brother Meats.  Man, he liked messing with you. He literally slaps you in the face or on the hand haha but he is one great character! For most of the day, everything fell through, but, it was still an awesome exchange.  I learned so much from Elder Rickter! 

Thursday was still the work but we had great news about this one family 
The Mendez family you probably have not met this family because I haven't written much to you guys. But this family was baptized this week it was awesome. we were teaching them. what is incredible was the whole family was suppose to be baptized together however when we did interviews the father could not be baptized it was a disappointment for the family but here is the miracle my awesome president talked with one of the quorums of 70 elder cook and it made its way to the apostles and then to the first presidency the prophet himself declared this family was to be baptized as a whole I was thrilled to hear the news and so was. Brother Mendez it was awesome! 

Thursday nothing too exciting. 

Friday… preparing for the baptism… it was a crazy hectic day, but it was so worth it! We went to the Mendez house and watched as they put on their baptismal clothes. Oh, man! The picture was incredible! It just adds to my testimony of how the gospel truly blesses the family! After that we made programs and headed off to bed for the big day. 

Now, I can't describe all the feelings that I felt that day.

We made it to the church and stepped inside to set up chairs for the people coming. Weird thing was, a man was in his baptismal clothing, setting up the chairs.  It turns out he was baptizing brother Mendez.  He was so excited! We set up the rest of the chairs and saw people coming.  Little did we know that there was so little chairs! There was 80 or so people supporting this family! It was incredible! My MTC roomie, Elder Richardson was able to come to baptize the kids. I was ecstatic to see him! The Mendez family came in. Their little boy Derek hugged me and grabbed my arm haha I would have totally hugged him.  That's one thing I've struggled with is that we can't hug or carry kids. I'm slowly learning this process.

But, yes, the family came in and got into their whites. Sister Mendez was sobbing.  Then came the tender moment. Brother Mendez invited this man, Brother Blake to baptize him.

The story behind it is really something!  These two were arch enemies and have not spoken to each other in 22 years. As soon as brother Mendez and brother Blake saw each other , they hugged each other, each of them sobbing. The love of Christ was there. The spirit of love and peace and joy was full during this service!  It's incredible what the love of Christ can do bringing two worlds together! This is just the beginning of their journey! They each were baptized, the whole family was in tears and they knew this was just the beginning.

The day before we talked about temples and how they could be sealed as a family. I am extremely blessed to have had that experience, to have the parents I have.  To share that with them was special.  Now they have a chance to be sealed forever and for eternity!

After that we heard from some converts and there testimonies were powerful I. was able to share mine, but, there is something about converts that makes it powerful… hearing their testimonies of how they learned the truth and how it blesses them.  We were able to hear a talk from sister Dixon and she nailed it!  Sister Mendez and the girls were crying.

 I love this! The gospel touches people! The light of Christ shines more than the world shines!  It's amazing seeing that light radiate in someone who has made a promise to remember him, who gave us a chance remember him, who made it possible to press forward - Christ our savior and redeemer! I know the Mendez family know this gospel is true and I can't thank God enough for giving me a chance to see the power of baptism change this family!

Andrew came up to me after the baptism and thanked me saying,”Elder Corbridge, thanks for teaching me this gospel and helping me getting baptized!” I told him thank you for following! My testimony was strengthened that day! I'll tell you what! This family was converted as a family and the strength in it has been made stronger by the strength of Christ and his love. I'm so happy that I had the chance to watch this family grow. I'm so thankful for the members that helped this family to be converted.

There are amazing members and sadly I must say it…I must leave the Beaumont Ward. yep we learned about transfers. What a great transfer. I'm so thankful for my companion, Elder Bailey. I love that man to death! I love the members that I have met! I love the converts and the Mendez family with all my heart and I love this gospel! I know it's true! I know that Joseph smith restored the truth of it and that Christ is our rock on which we are built, in which we are lifted and in which we are loved Heavenly Father has this plan ROCKING!!!!!!!!

Elder Corbridge 

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