Wednesday, January 18, 2017

best surprise!

No editing.  It took me four days to type this! I think that Sunday the 8th was my rock bottom day since my fall.  I was alone at home and just having reality of all that has happened hit me in the face.  Being alone is when it gets hard. Being one-handed and non-weight-bearing with my right hand and verrrry tired of this obnoxious, scratchy, itchy brace, its just old...the whole situation. Last week, because of our extreme weather, thankfully, I really only spent a couple of hours alone.

Bless all of my friend's hearts!  They have dropped in with lunch and broken up the long and lonely days.  I have left our home once since December, so my social life has been limited to friends dropping by.  Thankfully, I've been blessed with wonderful friends nd they have dropped by! 

So, last Sunday, I was pretty down.  The family was at church, I was in pain.  Liza, who is also staying home with a new baby during this RSV season, facetimed me.  She knew instantly that I was having a bad morning.  She joked and teased and sent me funny texts throughout the day.  I was walking past ZJ's phone as a text popped up from Liza asking how I was doing.  I thought it was pretty sweet of her to be so concerned.

In the evening, at about 7:30, the girls grandparents dropped by to bring their Christmas gifts.  While visiting with them, Doug's phone dinged with a text.  He jumped to answer it, which is so not Doug!  I found that strange and asked who it was.  He said, "Your visiting teachers want to drop by."  David and Toni said their goodbyes.  

Shortly after the text, Liza facetimed.  I explained that my visiting teachers were coming, so I couldn’t chat.  She said, “Wait a sec.  hold on.” I tried several times to say goodbye but she didn’t want to hang up.  David and Toni left and only a moment later, the doorbell rang. 

  I saw three women come in the door.  I said, “Liza, I have to go, they are here.”   Again, she said, “Hold on.”  I looked and didn’t recognize the women, but, I didn’t have me glasses on and am half blind. Also, I have TWO visiting teachers, not three and the two have never come at the same time, so this whole thing was strange.   I kept looking and one of the three women started walking toward me. I kept staring and trying to figure out what was happening.  This was NOT my visiting teachers!
As the woman approached me, I realized that it was BRENDA DEMATEO!!!  

Doug, Liza and Brenda had been planning this surprise since December 28th!  That's why Liza wouldn't hang up.  She wanted to see the surprise!  What a gift!  I cry just thinking about it!

Brenda is a life long friend, who I met in 1985 and have kept in touch with over the years.  Brenda and her husband, Mark, are two of our favorite people on this earth! I speak of her often with our kids.  She and Mark live just outside of Chicago.  She has just recently completed her chemotherapy and radiation and is cancer free…literally weeks before. I have not seen Brenda in 18 years!  And she was standing in my den! 

  I stood  up and hugged and cried and kept saying, “I’m so happy!  You are here!  I love you!!”  My initial joy was that Brenda was here and cancer free!  Then it sunk in that she was here!  In Logan!  That she had flown all the way from Chicago!  And then it hit me, she was here for me!  The tears!  I was bawling!  Brenda was in tears.  Doug, Liza, the girls were bawling!  Brenda’s friends, who I then recognized from 20 years ago, were crying!  It was a wonderful reunion!  And I was just in shock that this wonderful woman, the most Christlike woman I have ever know, had flown half way across the country to care for me and my family in my time of need!  Can you say overwhelmed!!!

Brenda and I had a wonderful week together, catching up on life, laughing and crying and just basking in the friendship and love that we have shared for decades!  She cleaned my home, did laundry, cooked, played with the girls, shopped with them, just anything she saw that needed to be done, she did it.  It was wonderful!

Brenda stayed until Thursday and we made every moment count!  It was heavenly to spend this special time together. Brenda has been one of the kindest and most remarkable women I’ve ever known.  What’s interesting about our friendship is that we both are believers in Christ, but our doctrinal beliefs are very different.  Through the years, we have discussed religion for hours and hours.  We agreed to disagree long ago but have never let those differences influence the special bond that we share.  What a joy to have that time together.

Saying goodbye was so hard.  I not only appreciated all that Brenda did for me, but as I told her, I appreciated the relief that she brought to Doug, who has worked fulltime, come home and cared for me.  He’s up at 5:45 making sure that I’m set for the day, checking on me throughout the day and home to care again. Brenda’s gift visit was more of a gift for Doug!  We adore Brenda and Mark!  And boy, do I miss her now!

I say so often how blessed I am with good friends.  Brenda is one of those!  What a gift!  Life is good… even with a nasty itchy brace and lot of pain!  Friends make it wonderful!

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