Friday, January 27, 2017

one step at a time

I've had a few rough days.  On Tuesday night, after family prayer and most of our bedtime routine,  I was waiting, while Doug  flossed, for him to help me get situated in bed. I have taken my brace off so that he could put my pajama top on. When the brace is off, i'm extremely cautious, to just not move.   I knew Doug would be another minute or two, so I thought, to be safe, but I would just lie flat down on the bed. I leaned back, so so gently, and  no sooner than my head hit the pillow, I kNew that I had made a mistake!

 Apparently, the main reason for the brace is to keep my arm from moving backward. As I lay back flat, my arm fell to the bed, as well,  against my body and too far back. I hadn't even thought about it as I was lying down. The second I was flat, I started crying wincing in pain. This was the worst pain I've had since that first week after the surgery. It was awful! Doug  immediately lifted me straight up again and the pinching pain stopped, but the throbbing hasn't stopped since.   It was a rough night!

 I'm not sure what I did, but it did something. Sadness!

 On Wednesday afternoon, Doug had a doctor appointment. Doug does not go to doctor appointments unless he is pretty miserable. I can count on one hand how many times he's ever gone to the doctor.  We suspected that he has a hernia. With all of the snow that he has had to shovel, we feared that it was even worse... especially after this last big storm. I was determined, pain or no pain, but I would go to the doctor with him. A. To make sure he actually went.  And B.   I needed to get out of the house after 36 days. Doug's health is motivation!

 So, he raced home from work and help me finish getting ready and off to the doctor we went. Thankfully, the doctor does not think it's a hernia but, sadly, he's not sure what it is.   So Doug is on watch for the next few weeks.  Hopefully, it's just pulled stomach muscles from All of the snow removal.

After the doctor, we went to Hobby Lobby to buy some Valentine plates for YW and then to Best Buy.  Doug had won a BB gift card at his company party in December, so we used it to finally get a sound bar for our TV.  Buddy spent an hour facetiming to install it with Doug and Zee being his hands.  Normally, I do the electronic stuff.  I actually enjoy it, but since Tuesday, leaning forward is excruciating.

I am whining...I have taken more meds in the past five days than the whole five weeks.  Sadness.  But, I did get dressed and out.  That's progress, even if it was one step forward and two steps back.

The ladies in the ward, friends and family have been wonderful to drop by meals, treats, breads and entertainment.  Its been a rough week.  I was so thrilled to get out of the house, but have no desire right now.  I see the doctor on Tuesday.  I told Doug that if I hsve to do this again, I want to be put in a medically-induced coma until it is over!  But, life is good. Painful, but, good.


  1. Oh friend, I have been thinking of you often. So sorry to hear about the setback. You guys ALL need to get better quick!

  2. Sorry to hear you are struggling. Ouch but you look super cute in that hat.