Sunday, January 22, 2017

way late Christmas pix

another one handed, barely edited post.  i have very few pix on my camera from the holidays.  try holding a camera upside down with your left hand.  i turned it off instead pushing the shutter button. and believe it or not, you can actually feel your right shoulder muscle pulling when you lift anything with your left hand.  you can actually feel your right shoulder when you stretch your left leg!  the body is amazing!  I digress. most holiday pix are from my phone and will stay there til i have two hands. :)

best part of Christmas Day...and the part i remember the most... facetime with Quayd!  i didnt know this pic was taken.  but it was when Liza was on the phone facetiming so that Quayd could see his niece for the first time.

I do not remember taking these!

Not sure who took this one, but it pretty much sums up the first two weeks after my new shoulder.  I am still in the chair most of the time, but, at least I am awake now!  well...most of the time.


drake and zj

the stockings were hung

and its still snowing

my new addition to holiday decor this season was this wreathe that was made to light up this mantle!

i also added a few new glittery reinseer to the front room.  doug no likee glittery.

we have had over 30 inches of snow since Christmas Eve!

this sign on the chalkboard from ZJ welcomed me home.  The Ophie is Liza and Zee's pet name for me.  When my brother was a baby, he called me "ofee" and still does to this day.

a quick story that i don't want to forget... and probably won't! typed by grace... About a half an hour before my fall, I was having my weekly visit with Quayd on Gmail. I asked him if he has received all of his Christmas packages and pled with him, "Please don't open your presents until Christmas morning, I don't want it to be hard for you to not have any presents to open on Christmas." Quayd assured me that he would not, "I promise I won't, but its killing me because I know there is a coat and hot in there, because I am FREEZING!!!" 

"WHAT!?!?!?!?" Since Quayds birthday in October, every single Monday, I have asked him what would you like for Christmas? Other than beef Jerkey and "do the 25 day Christmas challenge" he never said a thing... Especially a coat and hat!!!  it was the monday before Christmas!  In his defense, he had only been transfered the day before and to a much higher elevation. So he didn't really need a coat or hat at the time. Thankfully, Quayd said he had to go and would be back in half an hour. I used that time to order a new coat and a few hats at JCP! His coat and hat arrived just in time for Christmas and he sent me this picture of him in his new coat.

my view for two months.  the rocks now have names.

and that is a bit of our holiday a month later.  life is good...painful, achey, sometimes boring, but filled with visits and meals from wonderful friends and family GOOD!

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