Wednesday, January 11, 2017

an update that I thought I posted last week

I thought that I would make a left and one handed attempt at a blog entry, but it is easier said than done.  I am on the mend.  My surgery was two weeks ago and it feels like months already!  Not complaining, just stating a fact.

The girls have taken great care of me and there are no words for what an amazing man I have for a husband.  Doug has done everything from wash my hair and dress me to grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, all while working.  We have been blessed with the love and care of so many good friends from the minute that we got home.  Almost literally.

I've tried to keep track and hope that I can.  The meds have me a little confused at times, but thankfully, I'm weening myself off the narcotics and onto Advil.  I'm happy to dispose of the last few soon!!

On the night we arrived home, the girls were waiting at the door.  They met me at the door of the expedition and we were all in tears as we walked into our home.  The phone rang within minutes... one of Doug's sisters offering to bring food from the family Christmas party.  An hour later, another sister arrived with food and her husband helped Doug give me a Priesthood blessing.  I had survived what was one of the worse days of my life, driving a 5.5 hour trip had taken us almost 9 in blizzardlike conditions all the way to near Provo, the last 120 miles of our trip home..

Friends dropped in the next day to see what they could do to help.  I have very little memory of the first day home.  I was exhausted and slept the most part of 48 hours.

Carol arrived on Christmas Eve with dinner, a duplicate of my own traditional menu.  It helped make things feel "right" for the girls.  They needed that... some normality.

Christmas Eve was quiet and without a lot of our traditional fanfare, but, Doug did his spiritual thought, we opened jammies (Zee had even bought me a pair this year!) and we were in bed pretty early.

Christmas morning, the girls were up at 6:30.  I can not hold a camera.  I can't hold anything in my right hand.  It's "non-weight-bearing" for the next six weeks. But, I took a few with my left hand on my i-phone.  The girls were very happy with the gifts and I've never been more thankful that I am organized for Christmas early.  Buddy and Carol had picked up the last few things for Doug that I had not yet bought and ZJ wrapped them for me.

Zee made me a wonderful Christmas breakfast and everyone else said that they were still full from the night before.  No big fancy brunch.  But, seriously, that egg, cheese, bacon and avocado sandwich was the best thing I've ever tasted.  I'm so thankful for Zee's domesticity or "home-makerfullness."

This is Z, taking over for mom and scribing , lol.  The highlight of our day, I think for everyone, was our face time visit with Quayd that evening. Church had been canceled for the day because we got a foot of snow that night. The day felt extra long. And 7. pm felt like it would never arrive.

WE were all in tears before we even connecting, even Quayd. (Z: and that's a huge thing) He looked great! It was so fun to hear his voice. He was a little shocked when he saw me, with my arm in a brace and no makeup. But once we got pass the discussion of my injury, we were able to focus on a list of questions that we had written in advance. He told us about getting hit by a car. His current companion is his favorite! He loves the area he is serving in!

One tradition that we have is a jar full coins and paper money, and only I know the amount. The kids get to guess and whoever guesses closest get the money. The last present of the season.  The girls were excited that they would have a chance of winning, but I saved the jar for our Face time visit with Quayd so that he would feel like he was a part of, at least, one of our normal family Christmas traditions.

Zj showed him the jar up close on the screen trying to hide a twenty dollar bill and teasing him. But, Quayd won by guessing within two dollars. (Z: shocker) He was pretty stoked about that. It made my day, just seeing that great big smile of his. Saying good-bye was very hard. It's so hard to believe that he has almost been gone 6 months. WOW!

The remainder of the week/holiday break, we just chilled at home, watching a LOT of movies and visiting with company that dropped by... most, bearing food. Doug did take the girls out shopping twice, and friend, Sue and friend, Ann came and babysat me.  I was grateful for the company myself and even more grateful the girls could get out a bit. Definitely the most unique holiday we've ever had. Doug and I were and continually are in awe of the kindness of others.

My visiting teacher, Joni, brought a gallon of tomato mac soup which is my favorite soup in the whole wide world. That was definitely comfort food.  We spent New Years Eve with our dear friends, Kristy and Jim Anderson and with the girls. I laid in my recliner while ZJ prepared a wonderful dinner of fried shrimp and bakes potatoes relish trays, cheese balls, and crackers and Kristy brought just as much wonderful food! We played some fun trivia games so that I didn't have to move the whole night. At about 10:30 we dipped fruit in chocolate fondue and called it a night when the ball dropped at midnight.

It was so hard to see the girls go back to school and Doug go back to work. (Z: it was sad for myself going back.) My friends lined themselves out to come for a mid-day visit and bring me lunch each day. I say it often, I am so very blessed with amazing friends.

Side note...Denise and I have not seen each other since I got back because she had knee surgery. We couldn't have timed this any more poorly. We both can't be there for each other.

I sleep a lot, thankfully!  I have also started watching a new series on Netflix, called "Call the midwife".  It is a fascinating English drama from the 1950's about midwives in a nursing convent. Sad, but fascinating. But, it takes my mind off my own pain!

It has done nothing but snow for the past two days. We have two feet or more! So if I'm not watching Netflix, I'm watching the squirrels and the snow falling. I have never appreciated my beautiful fireplace in my den, the stunning view out my windows, and deeeeeep sleeeeeep more. I have appreciated the phone calls, the texts, and the cookies, and the diet cokes!  Although I have craved water more than anything since the surgery.

I am still in disbelief that this has happened. It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that I have a new shoulder, that this whole experience even happened in the first place.  Liza's baby is due this week and she is almost a month old!  There are lessons for us all to learn here.  Buddy is my hero.  I will forever be thankful for his TLC.  I appreciate every move Doug makes for our family.  That is nothing new, but my gratitude is magnified.  I also appreciate this body of mine.  I am mindful of every move.  Even watching others, I recognize the effort it takes to move an arm, to bend over, to sit up.  I value the joy of being in the comfort of my own home.  And we have felt the thoughts and prayers of so many. There is much more to say, but no energy to say it now.  Thanks for the continued thoughts.  Pix to of these days.

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  1. So glad you're still alive! Good to have an update!