Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Quayd Letter #10.

A long letter from Quayd!  I sent him a letter last week with nineteen things that I love about him.  He responded with this list of things he loves and is thankful for.  

Since it’s my nineteenth birthday, I just wanted to take the time and share 19 things that I'm grateful for...Haha because I can! No legit, I really can... 

1. I just want to thank all those who wished me a good birthday! It meant a lot to me! I love you all! 

2. I want to thank those who are reading my weekly emails, or my mom’s blog. I mean it! it means a lot knowing, that when hard times come. I've got friends and family to share it with. I know that your support, along with my Father and His Son. This Is the reason I'm getting through this, when the hard times come! So, thank you for being there for me! 

3. your prayers and fasting. I love when my mom tells me that I've got people praying for my safety and for the mission! haha I don't know how many times, I've gotten hurt on my bike, or sitting on a chair with 4 screws poking out the top so I can sit on it and be able to stand... so your prayers are being answered!  Thank you again!  Were it not for you, I'd probably be in a worst condition haha

5. A body… it's funny I love my body! I love my sandy brown hair, my mouth, my voice! my broken nose, my egg shaped head, my scar that I bear on my cheek, my strong back, even my flat feet!!!! haha I love everything! I know it's a gift from God… the gift to run in the forest!! the gift to having strength so I can climb mountains and trees!!! the gift of hearing the sounds of people! hearing the words I LOVE YOU!! or “good job!” or hearing a child laugh and play Or hearing a young women laugh with a unique laughter. Or touching the cool wet water, smelling my moms cooking and, hopefully, a wife's. I'm grateful for God's plan to have a body. I love the body I've been given a body that God has given so I can use my talents and strengths to teach the gospel here in Redlands California. You can do that too!!!! 

6.  Life in general. I'm so great full for this plan that my Heavenly Father has given me this plan of peace and joy or trials of grief or sadness. They are meant for something and I might not know what that is right now, but, that's why I am here to figure out who I am or who I'm meant to be! That's why God gave us a body, so that we could Learn and grow and develop as children of our Father, learn as He did and have eternal joy. I love the world that He set up for us! I love the mountains, the rain, the clear blue sky, the sunsets, the amazing trees to climb or take pictures of the beautiful lakes and oceans. I can't wait to find out more, learn more, grow more.  This plan is amazing and so many of us take it for granted, but for those who look and are grateful, you see beauty, peace and the love of our Heavenly Father.

7. I love the Book of Mormon! I don't know where I'd be or even my family without that book! It truly is a blessing in our lives. Read a page each day and you will find something in there that applies to your life.  It's so true!  This book is meant for me and for you and I'm so grateful we have that book in our lives, thanks to the prophet Joseph Smith.  This book is true!!! 

8. My home! I miss it!. I miss the love that dwells within it I miss the priesthood authority that brought us closer as a family, that taught me so much how homes and families are truly closer when founded upon the teachings Jesus Christ!

9. My toys and laptop. I'm so grateful for the toys I have that have taught me to use imagination and to dream and write them down on my computer.

10.  The gospel! I love this gospel! I love the plan that Heavenly Father presented.  I love what Jesus Christ, our Savior, has taught us, to have a better life and how we can live that way for eternity.  Have faith in him and repent of our sins through baptism and after that a caustant companion to help us remember him and live to take upon ourselves his name Jesus Christ and endure to the end with blessings beyond comprehension. I have lived to these principles so far in my life and have seen many miracles from it. the miracle of families being together forever! The miracle of changing our lives, the miracle of having second chances, and the miracle that Heavenly Father gave to us. his only begotten son Jesus Christ who taught these eternal truths 

11. The ranch! I love that place! It is like heaven on earth!  A lot of people would look at it as boring, but I love that it's where I've learned to grow and work hard and learned to love. The ranch will always be in my heart.

12.  I love my decision to serve a mission!  This has truly been a blessing and privilege. I love proclaiming the truth and the gospel to those who want to find it. I'm so grateful that I have a chance to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength! I hope that I will make every second count. I love it!

13. Temples I love that the gospel brings family closer and with the priesthood and keys restored. I love that we can be sealed together as a family. I love that I'm sealed with my family for all eternity. I love each and every one of them.

14. My friends!  There are so many of you who have strengthened me who have taught me by example… some by just your smile and attitude towards life.  I appreciate those of you who have shown me how to live a good life.I love to see your goodness. Your example.. when things are hard, you still smile and keep your head up high and whenever I've had a bad day you have always been there.  So, thank you so much for being a part of my life.

15 My extended family lets just say all those who matter to me!  We live by one rule and that is to “never ever give up!” I love that during my life, I have been taught to follow that rule and I've learned it from so many from my uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings and my parents. I love that I have been taught to work hard from each and every one of them and for my extended family. I love that I have been taught how to love, help, care and how to live the gospel! You inspire me!

16. My siblings They may be annoying at times, but there is something in each of them that has truly made me feel joy and love. I love that they have been raised in the gospel and have found truth in it. I love that they have taught me also through their trials and challenges, but also through their joy and happiness. I've seen their faith and have become strengthened because of it.   It just adds to my faith and they strengthen me so much. I want them to know that I couldn't do this without them.

17. My parents Mom, Dad, I love you so much and I want you to know that you are the best! I love how you have taught me these things. I'm grateful that I can look to you whenever things are bad in my life. I care so much for you and I am inspired to be your son.  You have taught me to love others, to serve others, to never let my testimony and faith wander.  I will always carry this gospel amd truth in my heart. I love that you trust me when I'm doing the dangerous things in life. I love that you took me into your home. I've felt true joy because of you guys and your willingness to let me become your son. I will always be your son.

18. The atonement  Jesus Christ came on this earth, brought his gospel through his prophet named Joseph Smith and continues through his prophet today, Thomas S. Monson.  But, that's not all the Savior did.  He didn't just show us the way, by being humble, or by being a teacher, friend or leader.  He did what no one else could do! He atoned for our sins. I can't imagine having suffered every pain and affliction, grief and misery that he felt. Being beat down by the sins of the world, along with the sweating of blood from every pore and begging His Father to remove this cup because of our wrongs and transgressions. I can't comprehend that, nor will I ever understand it, no matter how many times I read it or listen to general authorities talk about It. I can't imagine it. I can only have faith and know that he did what he did and that because he did, every joy can be obtainable and reachable for eternity.  It's because of him because of that moment where he took our sins and was slain for them. Because of that I have a chance and so do you and so does everyone else. I'm grateful that he didn't change his mind I'm grateful that he used his agency for good and for being willing to give his life for me, so that I could attain eternal happiness and not only for me, but for all those I care about. I’m grateful that I have a brother that I can look up to and know that when things are hard, He is there.

19 Experience  All these things, everything I've said I've learned through experiences in life and it's because of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father and the gospel. I wouldn't have met the people I have met today, I wouldn't have had a chance to meet all my great friends who continue to inspire me and strengthen me because of their faith. I would not be who I am, doing what I'm doing without my parents or without the priesthood or without my faith that I hope will never fail. 

I'm thankful for all these things.  Now for my mission, we taught a couple lessons, which were really good. We taught the plan of salvation and I think Kevin understands the importance of it.  Members are awesome! Anyway, I love this gospel! I know that the things the prophets say are true and I know that Christ is with each of us. I love sharing these things!  Thank you again for all those who continue to inspire and strengthen me. I love you all.

Elder Corbridge


  1. What a lovely, thoughtful, strong letter! Joy. You have taught him and loved him so well. Love allof you.

  2. I hope all is well. Miss your post and update on your wonderful son.