Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Elder Corbridge Letter #8

I have to grin as I read his letters each week and they begin with "nothing really happened."  Then, he proceeds to tell us these unbelievable experiences.  I told Doug, as we read his letter for Family Home Evening, that some of these experiences are experiences that I would have shielded the kids from even knowing about, let alone being right smack dab in the middle of them!  WOW!

I loved the selfie that he sent this week!


Hello!  This week, nothing really happened.  

We found this one house.  It turns out it was the wrong person, but we talked for an hour. When we got home, Elder V said we were doing exchanges and that I'm the one who was going to be in charge of my area.
It was going to be a long day but it was a really good day. I actually know my area better than I did before! I didn't have Elder Villegas’ help, but I had the Lord’s help that day and I was thankful.  It turns out that all of our appointments fell through, but, we got to meet a lot of people and had the chance to teach the gospel or help someone in need or talk to amazing members.  It was amazing, what the Lord had planned.  I was so thankful for my exchange companion, who was patient, as I learned to find the people.  It was a good day!

After that, it was just the usual, but, I got to give a lot of people blessings.  My faith was challenged during those times because I didn't know how to give one. I knew how to do it, but, by faith, what to say?  It was hard! I think I did alright though. 

There was this one lady… she's been struggling.  She doesn't want to end her life, but, she's had the tempting power to do so.  She asked for guidance and hope and I'm thankful that I was an instrument to do that.

Another experience - we were riding our bike and this man, dressed like a Nephite, came to us and started talking to us.  He was pleading, saying that he used to be a Mormon, but, left it behind.  He still believes in miracles and in faith and in Jesus Christ.  He explained his situation about how far from home he was, along with his fiancé and how sometimes, she has a “tantrum.”  In just seconds, I heard her screaming, yelling and screaming blood curdling screams and ripping her hair out, scratching herself.  It was as if she were in hell, fighting for her life to get out of the pit of darkness into the life of happiness, but chains were binding her, pulling her down, as she screamed in despair, “Someone help me!” repeating it over and over and over.

 I listened to her and I saw this man, who's faith was being tested, who's humility led him to us, tears streaming down his face, as he said, “Please, Elders! Pray with me.  Pray for my fiancé! I love her and I don't want to lose her.  Please help me have the strength to calm her down.” I wanted to cry.  I wanted to hug this man because of his faith and his love towards his fiancé and his faith in Christ. 

Even when we do not think we are worthy because we have left a church or religion, there is one thing for certain. God will not forsake us.  His son, Jesus Christ, will never forsake us.  He is the way, the only way!  He will never leave.  It’s up to us to choose whether we want to follow him.  Like this man, who left his faith, he knew one thing and that was faith in our Savior can make hard things possible.  Faith in Christ can cure or tame a woman who is panicked and faith in Jesus Christ will make all things calm.  Faith will make us humble and rely on the Lord.

 I know not where this man had the faith to talk to us, but, he was humble, even after leaving everything behind.  He was humble and willing to rely on the Lord.  We said a prayer and I still heard the murderous screams coming from this devastated women.  The fear of hearing her plead for help made my faith in praying for her be calm, but, after that, I hugged the man and told him to never let go of his faith in Christ.  We left.  As we watched him come to his panicked fiancé, I saw a miracle happen!  She was calmed. I left, tears streaming down, because this man had faith to come to us.  He recognized the Savior and His power within us.  He humbly relied on the Lord.  If we are humble, if we are willing to act in faith, leave our own understanding behind and rely on the Lord, we are saved.  We are loved and we are calmed.  

God has a plan for us, for all of us. God made it so that we would meet this man and see the miracle of someone's faith.  It was not us that stopped this women from crying in torment.  It was Jesus Christ, our Savior, our way to happiness.  His love and compassion towards his brothers and sister is what created this miracle. 

Let us never ever forsaken the Savior’s love and also His atoning sacrifice for us.  Let us be humble, open our eyes and seek for opportunities to find him.  In this, there is a change of heart.  In this, there is understanding to peace, love, joy, calmness and mighty change of hearts with faith in Jesus Christ.  I loved the chance to see this.  So, even though nothing has happened this week, something has happened and I'm glad to be a part of it!

Love, Elder Corbridge

He also sent this photo.  He has gone through more retainers than all three of our other orthodonic children together!


Gosh, we love this boy of ours!  Life is good!  So is having a missionary son!

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