Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ward Halloween Party

The Young Men/Young Women were asked to be in charge of the Ward Halloween Party last weekend.  The men took on the meal and left the decorations and games to the women.  Everyone was given an assignment and mine was decoration.  I wanted to keep things simple because I had a big week with lots of other things on my plate, as well.

So, Pinterest to the rescue!  Here's the cute decorations...

Our cute little door monsters were made from plastic dollar store tableclothes.  We trimmed them off to make them short enough to fit the wall panels and used the trimmings for eyeballs and faces.

The tables were completed with candy corn and white plates and napkins.  No pix of that.

A photo booth in the corner. SO cute!

 That banner! SO CUTE!  It was borrowed from a friend of Ann (the other counselor, who is fast becoming one of my favorite ladies on earth!)  We were forgiven by our bishop for bringing hay into the church after we promised not to do it ever again.  (Bishop asked if I brought the hay.  I said no but that I knew of it.  He reminded me that no hay, live Christmas trees or candles ever in the church.  I told him that a member of another bishopric delivered it for us.  We asked forgiveness instead of permission in this case.  When I turned in the receipts for the expenses on Sunday, he asked, "Are these for the hay?"  Then, he joked and laughed about it.  No more hay in the church.  Doug was dying over the mess, more than the fire hazard.  He swept and swept and swept to keep it from tracking everywhere!

 Seriously, the cutest and most fun wall decor!  So easy!

Ann created this cute tic tac toe game!

More wall monsters!

I'm missing lots of the pictures.  We had several fun games and a cookie decorating station.  After the meal was served, everyone kept busy visiting and playing games.  The costume prizes were candies and these cute ribbons, made by the girls last week at our activity.

Doug's costume was only recognized by fans of the movie, "Forrest Gump".  He walked around offering everyone some of his chocolates (thanks, Ann!) and telling everyone, "I ate some."

 ZJ, the zombie, won the prize for spookiest costume... she's not looking too spooky here, with that big smile!  Grace was "an accident waiting to happen", our old standby costume. She wasn't sure if she was going to wear a costume until ten minutes before.

ZJ and Kendall, her future husband, so we tease.  He's Layne and Julie's son, ZJ's friend, her big surrogate big brother since Quayd's gone.  They have so much fun teasing each other.  He's not the boy she's "not-dating".  He's just the girls' friend/brother.

This is Anne and Kelli, the two great ladies that I am blessed to serve with in the Young Women.  They are just wonderful, exemplary ladies and we have sooooo much fun together!  Following the party, Ann came over for an afternoon of hottubbing and gab.  Kelli had a family party in SLC and left as soon as the party was over.  

Life is good!  And so is having the Halloween Party behind us!

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