Sunday, June 4, 2017

Summer has arrived! Busy has also!

It's 90 degrees outside and the air conditioning is on!  Hard to believe that two weeks ago, we were crying over broken tree branches from the four inches of snow we received.

So, aside from graduation excitements, we've had lots of other good stuff happening.  Just fun stuff, getting together with friends and family, gatherings and happenings.

I did not take one single picture of my favorite nephew Jake's fiancee's shower last week.  We had a fun evening meeting her family.  The shower was a "Pantry/Tasting Table Shower".  I've never done anything like this before for a shower, but it worked out really well.  We asked the guests to bring a prepared dish, the recipe, the dry ingredients and something used to prepare or serve the recipe.  Heather received a crockpot, pots, pans, utensils, baking sheets, tons of dry goods to stock their pantry and we all ate some pretty tasty foods!  It was a fun evening!  Loved it!  I'll definitely do that theme again!

This week is my favorite niece Lexi's shower, which will be a "Favorite Things" shower.  Guests bring something that they can't live without for Lexi.  It will be a fun evening. It will be fun for Liza to be here for the shower!  She'll get to see her cousins and aunts at the shower!

Liza has been here almost a week and I'm in heaven, enjoying her company and her girls.  Buddy has already begun working in Arizona, and she came for Grace's graduation, but will be staying until Heather and Jake's wedding this weekend.  Zee is planning on going back with her for a week or two.  She's really busy with YW Girls Camp and has a Youth Conference this week, so that's sort of a conflict... she needs/wants to be in two places at once.

Doug's enjoying the time with the girls so much.  He's so in love with these two little girls and Edie just adores him.  She smiles at him all the time!  Yesterday, he took Aylabelle fishing at a Trout Farm and she caught two fish!  She was sooooo "excycled" (pronounced ex-cy-clid)!  That is my favorite word!  When she got here, she said, "Oooohhhhh, Grammie, I'm so EX-CY-CLID to be here at your house!"  She's precious, through and through!

Edie is totally entertained by her Gramp! 

This was a random photo....I happened to notice in the display case in our foyer today.  I don't know how or why I have missed it, but I noticed our cute son's missionary plaque and wanted to cry!  Not sure if it was tears of joy or missing him or a little of both!  I have really missed him this week.  The week after he transfers or gets a new companion is always hard for me because of the not knowing... is he loving the new area? loving his new companion?  eating?  did he remember to bring everything he owns with him?  Last time, he left his sheets on the bed at his old apartment and had to buy new ones.  The missionaries don't have time to forward left behind items.  I will hear details tomorrow!  YAY!

Liza has just begun feeding Edie babyfood.  She is still breastfeeding.  Last night, she decided to let Edie try a nibble of watermelon.  Oh my!  Edie wanted to grab it and didn't want to let it go!  We all had a great laugh!

Liza took my girls and hers out for a snowcone.  

Aylabelle noticed that they all had tongues that were orange and red and blue.  She'd had a rainbow snowcone. They showed Aylabelle their tongues and she said, "What color is my tongue!?"  They told her it was Rainbow!  She wanted to see, so Zeej took a picture of her and then edited it to show Aylabelle.  She was totally convinced that her tongue was RAINBOW!

This is one happy baby!

Lunch at Beehive Grill

After graduation BBQ.  Kelly joined us for dinner and got to meet her new niece, Edie Ann.  A nice visit for us all.  Kelly also got to "meet" Miki.  Stott has the pix.  I'll post them when I get them.

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