Wednesday, June 21, 2017

St. George Day 3

When we woke up on Tuesday, we were determined to get some work done for Liza to help with her packing and move preparations.  Welllllll.... it was a good thought.  Liza made nummy german pancakes (gluten free pan for Grace) with fresh fruit! Such a great breakfast!  We sat around and gabbed until noon.  Then, we decided that we would go out for lunch.  By the time we got ready and out the door, it was after noon.

We went to Red Robin for lunch and had the best service we have ever had anywhere in St. George!  We sat Edie in the high chair for her first time, but she's so tiny, that even sitting up, it was too huge.  So, she ended back in the sling and carseat.  Liza picked her up for a bit and she barely managed to swing her arm and catch Liza's full strawberry lemonade glass and dumped it.  The manager must know that sound because there were a crew of them helping within seconds! They were awesome before and even after! 

Honestly, she smiles like this 90% of the time!

We had a nice lunch and decided to go do some things to kill time and then go for a frozen yogurt after our lunch had settled.  Again, in separate cars because of car seats, Liza made a turn into the Deseret Industries (like Salvation Army).  I'd mentioned that I'm always on the lookout for an old sewing machine with the foot pedals, and without letting me know, Liza stopped for me to check.  Little did I know that we'd spend an hour in there.  The girls were finding treasures and Aylabelle found a Christmas Snowglobe that plays Silent Night.  We had a fun little time until our food settled.  I laughed at Zeej.  She had "the happiest moment in her whole entire life" (I said it must not take much) because she found a pair of overalls.  She's been trying to find a pair for two years and she was in heaven!  Okey dokey then.  She could hardly stop talking about them.  It's the little things, I guess.
After lunch, we stopped for fro-yo at a place called Menchie's or something like it.  They had loud music playing and a huge wall chalk board.  Aylabelle could not decide if she wanted to eat her for-yo, dance to the music or write on the chalkboard.  We were there for an hour enjoying the cool air.  It was 112 degrees out!  This was sweet!  Aylabelle heard "Shake it Off" and she danced and danced and danced.  We laughed and laughed and laughed.

Edie wanted to try fro-yo too.  Because of allergy concerns, Liza introduces her to one food at a time.  While Liza nurses her babies, she has to be dairy-free.  So, she got a fruity non-dairy fro-yo.  Edie wanted that spoon bigtime!

She can't wait to eat and I was dying to feed her!

taken from a video of Aylabelle "shaking it off"

We missed Quayd so much.  We always miss him but some things trigger it even more.  Seeing these "Captain Underpants" cups on the fro-yo made us talk about Quayd a lot!  He loved the books when he was a little boy and even got into trouble for doing some of the things in the books!  So, we had to take a few pix for him.  Then, later, I decided not to send them because he would be sad that he was missing the fun... that's always a fine line... deciding how much fun to share that he's missing.

After fro-yo, we headed home to get serious about the packing.  The girls took Aylabelle outside to the pool so that we could help Liza and Buddy get ready for their big move.  Liza packed and did a little cleaning and box-building.  I took Edie in the stroller out to the pool and we sat in the shade and watched the girls.  I misted EdieAnn every few minutes to keep her cool.  It's so dang hot there!  And they are moving to even hotter weather!  UGH!!  Please pass me a nice beautiful blizzard anyday!

After dinner, sandwiches and salad, and after Aylabelle was down for the evening, the girls helped Liza pack a few boxes and we called it a night by 11.  We planned on a birthday breakfast for my mom at Cracker Barrel at 7:30 before we left to head home.

Another fun day, lots of sweet memories made.  My favorite thing is Aylabele telling me, "Grammie, I probably love you."  She tells that to Liza and the girls, as well.  I love that word, "probably".  She's too cute!  That's all there is to it!  I'm going to miss them so much!!!

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