Tuesday, June 20, 2017

St. George Day 2

We slept in until about 7:30.  I opted to sleep on the sofa downstairs instead of in the guest room.  The girls shared king size bed in the guest room.  So, Aylabelle woke up and came straight downstairs to where I was sleeping (keeping my eyes closed to see what she'd do).  She tip-toed around me and got right in my face.  Then she stood there for a sec and took a deep breath.  Then, she picked up her purse (a coin purse from Nana) and shook it with it's change inside, right in my face.  She obeyed her mom and didn't wake Grammie up... the coins shaking "woke me up".  She was quite proud of that!  We cuddled and talked for a bit until everyone else was up and downstairs.

We got ready and headed into town for a little fun at the City Center, near the library.  There is a splash pad and fun water features, but there is also the carousel, which Aylabelle loves!  My girls had never ridden a carousel.  I should not admit that!  There isn't one in Logan and when you go to the county fair, the carousel is the least exciting ride.  So, I was excited to share that with them.   Aylabelle was proud that she knew where to go to give the lady the money and then to wait at the gate.  She has it all figured out.  I loved watching the girls and taking pix while we rode around instead of actually being on a horse.  I didn't want to miss the photo ops!  Worth missing the ride!

Sch a fun place...we didn't come to get wet, we only planned on the carousel, but at 112 degrees, a little water is nothing but wonderful!

After the carousel, we met my mom for a late lunch at Outback Steakhouse.  She volunteers at a Food Pantry/homeless shelter and worked until 1.  Being that it was Mom's birthday, Outback, was Mom's choice.  Liza was determined to keep Grace totally gluten-free while we were there.  Grace isn't determined, but Liza was!  So, we checked everyplace that we ate for gluten-free menu items.  Grace actually ate pretty well!  She had a burger wrapped in lettuce and broccoli because their fries have a flour on them.  Go figure.  Mom did most of the talking and we fed Edie water from a straw which kept us all entertained.  It was a fun visit and we made plans for breakfast on Mom's 78th birthday, Wednesday morning.

I had decided to surprise the girls and buy them new swimsuits, so Liza headed home with the girls for naptime and we did some shopping.  The girls both got cute new suits, both very much like they are... different than the other.  When we finished shopping, Aylabelle was ready to wake up and the girls hit the pool.  It took the girls about two minutes by the pool before three very cute boys were talking to them and flirting.  They told the girls that they had a hundred dollar bet that the girls were twins.  Before the evening was through, they were friends on social media.  These boys were visiting grandparents in Liza's ward.  Such is the life of being beautiful tanned girls in the summertime. ha!

After another yummy dinner, beef and broccoli stir-fry, and getting Aylabelle to bed, we gabbed and played "Heads Up" for a long time. Then we started playing "Would you Rather?" and we played and laughed until almost 1 in the morning.  "Would you rather" is a game where you just think of two options and everyone chooses which they would prefer... "Would you rather bunjee-jump off a skyscraper or go diving with sharks?"  Would you rather eat pizza every day for the rest of your life and never have another Diet Coke or eat cheesecake every day of your life and only drink water?  Silly questions but you learn a lot about each other's fears and likes and dislikes.  Someone asked a question that made us all laugh for.ev.er... completely a question like Quayd would have asked... "Would you rather have a green cloud surround you every time you pass gas or have rotten egg breath for the rest of your life?"  Oh my.  That got us to thinking... and laughing.  We played until we were falling asleep on each other!

I can't say how much I loved being with my girls.  Liza is such a gracious and thoughtful hostess.  We went to help her and at this point, that hadn't even begun to happen.  We just played a lot!  All day and all night.  Loved it!

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