Friday, June 2, 2017

Grace's Graduation!

 Graduation rehearsal was supposed to be at 7:30 at the USU Spectrum.   However, as Grace was doing her hair at 6:15AM, she got a text from a friend that said it was changed to 9:30.  We checked the school website and saw three different places where it listed rehearsal at 7:30.  Since we live just a few blocks from USU, Grace didn't need to go to Smithfield to get on a bus and ride back here to Logan.  So, we started calling the school to find out what was the deal.  At 7:45, I spoke with someone in the office and they said it was at 9:30.  I asked when it changed and pointed out that the website said 7:30.  The lady said, "I didn't make the change, so I don't know.  But, we are changing the website right now."  Okey dokey then.

The morning became very stressful then.  We had lunch plans at 11:30. I called the school and asked what time they'd be back to SV and was told noon.   At 11:35, assuming that they'd be loading the busses then, I went to the Spectrum to see if they were done and was surprised, along with the busdrivers, to be told that they'd be another hour.  Grace called me about that time and said, "This is taking forever and we are supposed to be in a restaurant eating right now!"  I told her to look up at the top of the spectrum, where I was standing.  She grabbed her stuff and we left. She said that they'd gone through the whole program three times!  

We were at lunch at Beehive Grill at noon and then back home by 2 for her to get ready and be back to the spectrum to march with the class onto the floor.  We felt sad for the kids who'd ridden the bus because they had to ride a bus back to the school in Smithfield, then get home and ready and back to the Spectrum in Logan by 2:30.  SV students all live at the north end of the valley.  We guessed that there were some pretty intense "HURRY UPs!" when kids got home to get dressed!  I don't know what the deal was but this whole week seemed to be a bunch of mistakes!  Thankfully, we only had a two minute drive to get in and out and be there for the festivities to begin.  I even had time for pix before we left!
Grace the Graduate

She did it!

Grace felt really bad for the kids who had come to rehearsal in pajamas and ponytails, and who wouldn't have time to get beautiful for the biggest day of their lives!

Walking into the Spectrum

Grinning from ear to ear and so excited!

 We all waved and cheered for her!

She'd chosen really cute but very tall platform shoes and was so nervous that she'd trip on the stage.

We told her to curtsie, take a bow and keep moving if she did.  She even practiced her curtsie.

She's next!

  Receiving her empty folder for diploma.  She'd actually received the real thing two days before, thanks to a good friend working in the office.

I would love to know what she was thinking...I did it! or I didn't trip!  

It's over!  Let's get this party on the road.

Aylabelle handed her flowers from Doug.

Hugs from Big sister

Hugs from friends... that's Megan, who lived in our ward in Smithfield.

So excited!!!

Liza and the girls.  The girls did great during the eternally long graduation.  522 graduates takes a lonnnnnnnng time.

And her baby sister had to have hugs.  We really missed Quayd.

Jayden and Grace.  Jayden is Miki's big brother.  Grace and Jayden have played together and been "Cousins" since they were in first grade.

It was soooooo hot!  But, her beauty didn't melt.

She really was thrilled to be officially done.  I could sense her disbelief that it was finally, really and truly official!  

Once we were back home, she was much  ore relaxed and chill about it all.  We took more pix, then got comfy and had a barbecue.  A great way to end a stressful, exciting, fun, crazy, busy, long day!  

Truly, we are so proud of Grace for this major accomplishment in her life!  We can't wait to see what lies ahead for her!!

Stott took some awesome pix and I will share his later.  


  1. I have been waiting for a pic of her in her cap and gown!! So dang proud of the sweet wonderful gal!