Thursday, June 15, 2017

a new "flavor" of fun

Last night was Bunco night.  Staci hosted and WOW!  What a great evening! She served a wonderful salad and an "oil and vinegar bar" with artisan bread and then, fresh fruit mixed with more infused oils.   Staci's sister owns this fabulous little shop, Oil and Vinegar Junction, in Park City, Utah.  I can't wait to make a trip down and experience it firsthand! It's incredible! I can not say enough about this fun and delicious "experience"!  It really was an experience. 

Staci had so many flavors of balsamic and oils... sweet and savory...everything from coconut, pineapple, strawberry, basil, citrus combinations that I couldn't even remember.  Oils in flavors that I could have never dreamed of!  The blood orange infused olive oil mixed with a citrus balsamic and the coconut and pineapple mixed with... I can't even remember what...we mixed and matched.  Fabulous!  She had a dozen balsamics and as many infused oils.  We just mixed and matched and tasted and  dipped in each other's mixes and, oh my, it was delish! I didn't have my phone handy during dinner, to snap a few shots.  So I am lifting these first two pix off the website. 

 Everyone went home with a flavored salt.  Here is the Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt that I brought home!    I'm anxious to try this sea salt on some fresh corn on the cob, as recommended on the website. Check it out!  I see that you can order online! Honestly, there were no losers last night at Bunco!  

I feel a day trip to Park City coming very soon!  Life is good!

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