Monday, June 19, 2017

St. George Day 1

We made it!  It was a crazy decision, but we decided on Saturday, quite spontaneously, that we would make a quick trip down to St. George to help Liza with her packing.  Doug and I talked about it and he was all for it.  I didn't want to leave him on Father's Day.  Doug suggested a "Father's Day Eve".  Since I had all of the food bought for Father's Day dinner, we pulled it out and grilled the salmon, cooked the rest of the meal, gave him his gifts then watched a movie together for the rest of the night.  Doug called it "the best Father's Day Eve he'd ever had" and we agreed!

The girls were packed and ready to go by 8:30 that morning, when Doug left for his church meetings and we were on the road before 9.  We arrived in St. George at 3:15, after two stops.  The Honda got great mileage, which was great news!  I think I am going to like driving a "car" for a change.  My foot was throbbing and my shoulder was totally stiff by the time we arrived, but it was worth it to see Liza and family!

When we arrived, Aylabelle was napping.   We played with EdieAnn for a bit until she woke up.  Liza went upstairs to wake her and as she came down the stairs, Liza was telling her that they were going to surprise Nana Ruby and that she had another surprise.  Aylabelle came down the stairs, saw us standing there and her eyes got sooooo big!  She was so happy!  I got the best hug ever! 

this was pulled from the video that Zeej took when Aylabelle saw us at the bottom of the stirs.  

We went out to my mom's in separate cars because of the car seats.  Liza had called Mom to tell her that she was bringing her birthday present from me.  When Mom opened the door, we hid around the corner of the garage while Mom put her dogs away.  While she was away from the door, we all ran up and stood behind Liza.  Mom just screamed, "OH MY WORD!!!!!!  THAT IS A SURPRISE!!!!"  She couldn't believe that we were there!  We had a nice visit and of course, Mom raided her closet and sent us home with a dozen new purses.  Having a mother with a purse fetish is pretty fun.

We didn't stay late because Liza had dinner waiting at her house.  It was almost 8 before we ate
dinner, but she'd prepared a nummy Father's Day meal for Buddy earlier in the day before we arrived, and she made plenty, so that we could have leftovers when we got there.  Spanish Rice, Chicken Burritos, fruit... soooo nummy!

After Aylabelle was down, we played more with Edie and just visited until about 11.  We were pretty exhausted after the long day and I just laid flat on her sofa to rest the shoulder.  We made a plan for Monday and called it a night.  A perfect day... the car functioned, we were safe upon our arrival, Doug was happy at home and even got in a Father's Day nap in the silence of our home and got to bed early that night, and we were together with Liza and her family.  Prayers answered!  Life is so good!!!

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