Tuesday, February 7, 2017

another brick in the...my road

I am making progress, slowly but surely.  I cried during the first physical therapy.  it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I had heard so many nightmares about how I had not experienced pain yet, until I began PT.  So, in my mind, I imagined being racked in a torture chamber for days kind of pain.  In actuality, it was just moving my arm for the first time out of the position that it's been in in the brace for two months.  /much less painful!  But, the next day.  WOW.  OW!  OW!

However, the therapist gave me clearance to get into the hottub!  I've missed that hour of my every day.  So, I was thrilled for that.  I could hardly wait.  Doug had drained and cleaned and refilled it the night before and had it all ready for me.  But, by the time we got home, I was hurting to much to try to even get ready to get in.  So, on Friday night, we went out and I even did my physical therapy exercises in the water, which made for much easier stress on my body.  Every time I do the exercises, I want to cry about fifteen minutes after I'm done and then for the next hours.

BUT! It must be helping because I went back to PT yesterday and he said that I have 20%more motion than I did last week!  He upped my workout and oh my!  I didn't cry yesterday but last night was long and painful and today, Ive not wanted to move.  It's not physical therapy that's hard.  It is recovering from it.   Ow, OW, OWWW!  enough whining, though, because it does mean I am getting better!  I have been given the ok to remove my brace for periods during the day when I am at home.  Still sleeping with it, although, I'm loosening it at nights now and I have to wear it when I am out, in case of falling or slipping... which right now, there's a lot of that with all the ice and snow!

btw, I do own more shirts and most pix of me since my fall are in one of three shirts.  Doug even bought me six new blouses.  However, the velcro on the brace ruins anything it gets near.  I got jumbo-set size shirts so that I can move and not feel even more chocked in these. I never realized that 90% of my shirts were pull-overs.  One of my button-ups, the one I had on the day of the fall, had to be cut off me at the hospital.  New wardrobe awaiting me. Oh,  I also owned exactly one blue thing.  They cut it off me... I now own four.  ha!  whoknew?

In other news...

our snow is melting so quickly!  There are spots with barely six inches left.  There are still three to four foot mounds, as well, but there is half what we had.  And the wind is blowing fiercely.  it sounds like a freight train outside my window. I love living so near the mouth of the canyon!  The wind blows a lot! I do feel like spring will come... before June.  Speaking of which, the girls will have to go to school in June for make-up days to the snow days that we had.  I wonder if Grace will be expected to since her graduation is before the make-up days?

We bought the movie, 'light between oceans" last week..  It is so painful to watch.  SO painful.  But, we watched it with the girls and had quite the deep discussion about morals, ethics, honesty, integrity, love and right and wrong.  I was touched by the depth of which the girls watched the movie.  Seriously, painful to watch, but oh, so worth it.  A thinker.

ZJ helped me create a valentine tablescape and hung a few hearts in the entry.  I am missing decorating, moving furniture, going out with girlfriends the most.  I am humbled and amazed by the meals that my friends have brought it, the cokes that have been dropped by, the treats. Texts and phone calls every day for week after week.  My friends are my family and for that, I am eternally grateful.  I'm reminded that something as simple as a "Hope you['re having a good day" text can make someone's day!

Life is good! And so is getting better! forgive the typos

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