Monday, February 6, 2017

elder corbridge weekly letter

Elder Corbridge sounds great!!!  busy and happy!  Thanks for your prayers in his behalf!

Well, last time, I told you about the baptism. This week, we are having another baptism.  I do not know this soon to be convert,but, it will be fun and hopefully, I'll have better news with Elder Oaks, an apostle of the Lord, coming to our mission because he might actually be at the baptism! Might! It might not happen, but, how legit would that be!

Anyway, I Have been helping a lot of people move into homes and lots of them aren't even members. It is nice letting people know the good old message of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel. Investigators and seekers of the truth are coming in left and right and we have been on fire!

I miss Beaumont a lot, but my new ward and extended family is awesome. Great fellowship, so it's pretty fun.

Anyway, some things that have stuck out this week… one being the Book of Mormon. We taught the Remixes family about the Book of Mormon .I know if they take the time to read it,  they will receive an answer! It's just amazing how that works!

Another time, we met a less active. He hasn't gone to church in 33 years. Crazy stuff, but he remembers his baptism and still believes the church is true. That is awesome! The conviction and convincing power of the Holy Ghost… you can't deny the church or the gospel if you have and even though this guy hasn't gone to church or anything, I can feel his wanting for the Spirit, thus, we gave him a Book of Mormon and he was excited to gain that knowledge. So, we'll see what comes in the works of the gospel.

Sacrament meeting was awesome! For some odd reason, I was having a hard time staying awake. Sadly, I dozed for a couple minutes but the spirit is so strong and it wasn't a roar but a small whisper saying wake up... A young man named dawson was charming. His expierience about meeting this one lady and how he was able to share the gospel with the missionaries meaning us a couple weeks ago. This lady knocked at our door and asked us to come to dinner. Well Dawson came with us and we were able to share the gospel with them. Turns out he had met one of the girls there at Walmart and he had a chance to talk to her again.  This time it was the gospel, so he shared that.  His testimony was that God answers prayers at his timing. Second, another young man shared an interesting story about judging and how we do not need to judge because we don't know but Christ knows.  He's the one who will judge us in the end.  Third is the power of the Holy Ghost…one of the elders shared his experience with his family who do not know about the gospel.  He shared his beliefs and his mouth was filled with the spirit of the lord. He was reading scriptures and telling them stories and bearing testimony, which means if we are in tuned with the spirit, we can work wonders in the lives around us.  This is what I learned and I needed it! I know this gospel is true! I know that testimonies are a strong evidence of it being true and the Holy Ghost can attest to that!  So exciting!


Elder Corbridge

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